A Single Stone


Now, many authors that I talk to don’t want to talk to just one person - they don’t want to leave anyone out and push others away. That’s lost sales, right? 

Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Think about it this way…

When we take a single stone or pebble and drop it into a puddle of water, what happens? We see a powerful, single point of impact and then it ripples out further than where we initially dropped the stone. 

Let’s apply that visual to our example. For me, that single point of impact is Rebecca.  And because I’m talking about topics that I know Rebecca will respond to I know that impact won’t end right there - it will ripple out to others. Because I have such a clear and specific vision of who I’m talking to, I know that it will appeal to others. 

It’s not about connecting with everybody - it’s about connecting with the RIGHT people.  

There is so much value to stepping outside of yourself and experiencing the world from another person’s perspective. This is especially true if it is someone that you want to reach and connect with. 

Your Ideal Reader Profile enables you to actually enjoy what you’re doing, while also helping you decide what to post online. You simply ask yourself whether or not your ideal reader cares about what you’re going to share. If the answer “Yes,” you move forward and you’re good to go. And if not, skip it. This allows so much more creativity and freedom in what you’re doing! 

And when you think about it, this approach is so much easier and less intimidating since you only have to focus on talking to one person instead of thousands of people.