10 Easy Fixes To Dramatically Boost Your Online Presence


My dear friend Kim tells amazing stories. One of my all time favorites was when she was going to to be home alone overnight and she was a little nervous about it. She locked her bedroom door, had the dogs in the room with her, had an escape plan in case someone broke in, and so on. She even had her shoelaces loosened up so she could just slip her feet in if she needed to make a quick escape. She had all of the big issues covered.

The next morning as she left the house she found that she had left her keys in the front door lock.

Sometimes we are so busy focusing on the "big things" that we completely overlook the most obvious (and important) elements.

In regards to online presence, some of the smaller details that are overlooked are key ingredients to take you to the next level. They may seem small but they make a world of difference in not only building your audience but establishing your brand online.


PICTURES:  Nothing says, "I'm just putting up a Twitter account because I know I should but I'm not going to do anything with it," then not including a picture or your logo as your Twitter avatar. This not only puts a face/image to connect with but it helps in establishing your brand and creating consistency online.

WEB ADDRESS: It is so frustrating when you discover a band, author, or service that you want to know more about BUT you don't know where to find them! Including your URL on your Twitter page is key to driving fans and potential fans to your website to get to know more about you.

twitterwebaddress copy2

DESCRIPTION: If someone is just discovering you on Twitter make sure to tell them more about what you have to offer. Who are you? What do you do? What do you have coming up? Be thoughtful regarding what your message is and include it!


ABOUT SECTION: I have come across so many Pages that have not properly filled in their "about" section. This is a great way to tell potential fans more about you, your music, book, business, etc., and show them where they can get more information about you.


MORE INFO:  Be sure to include other places fans can find you, be it Twitter, LinkedIn, GoodReads, etc., as well as additional information about you, your band, book, company, etc. The more info you can share with them the better!

FBAbout copy

LINKING PROFILE TO PAGE:  This is a fantastic way to connect your friends and networks to your business page. Include a link back to your business Facebook Page so your friends & connections can get to know your business as well.



URL: In an earlier blog post we highlighted how to easily set up a website and how to register a domain. And making sure that you have a URL that is the same as (or as close to) your name is essential for branding. And tell me this - do you think it would be easier for your fans to pass along a web address like "yourname.wordpress.com" or "yourname.com"? This is an essential component in branding and your overall online presence.

SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS: Make sure you have subscribe buttons on your blog and ways for fans to "share" your content.

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: There are times when I have to search all over a website to find social media links. It is essential that links be on the front page "above the fold," which means before fans have to scroll down your page. Keeping them up at the top of your home page, easy to see, and easy to use is a must.

Small changes can make a huge difference! It's all in the details, my friends :)

QUESTION: Have you made these changes and notice an improvement? What other changes have you made? Leave a comment below!

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