Don't know what to post on social media? Here are 100 ideas for you to use!

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to post on your social media outlets that aren't focused on self-promotion? It can be tough! So we thought we would help you out and do that for you. Here are 100 ideas for you to run with:  

1) Share what you are reading (along with a picture of the book). 

2) Ask fans what they are reading.

3) Share a link to a blog/article that focuses on your genre that you found interesting.

4) Quotes 

5) Ask a fill-in-the-blank question: Today I am thankful for ________!  

6) Share "behind the scenes" pictures of your work space.  

7) Ask for feedback on book cover possibilities.  

8) Write a book review on your blog and share a link on your social media outlets.

9) Share an exclusive giveaway/contest.  

10) Open the floor for a Q&A. .

11) Share writing advice.  

12) Ask fans to share their favorite childhood book.

13) Have fans to share a song to add to your ultimate writing soundtrack.  

14) Share funny pictures of yourself from Jr. High (if you are brave enough!).

15) Ask fans to submit their most embarrassing hairstyle pictures from Jr. High/High School.

16) Promote your author friends who have a new book releasing. 

17) Hold a Q&A interview with a fellow author promoting their new book. 

18) Attending a conference? Take pictures/video (use Instagram or Vine!) and share them.

19) Are you traveling? Ask fans for their favorite local attractions/places to eat.

20) Pick fans at random and give them a shout-out!  

21) Start a book club and ask fans to submit titles to read. Pick 12 books and discuss them on social media.

22)  Share news in the book publishing world.

23) Have different passions/interests outside of books? Share links to other pages, blogs, websites, etc.  

24) Ask fans to submit what books they think should be made into movies.

25) Pick 5 of your favorite book covers and ask for fans to vote on their favorite.

26) Post a link to your GoodReads list of favorite books and ask fans to post links to their GoodReads lists as well.  

27) Ask fans to post links to their blogs/websites. 

28) Ask fans who their favorite fictional character is and why. 

29) Interview a fellow author and share the link.

30) Ask fans to share who their favorite screenwriters are.

31) Share your favorite music to write to and ask fans to share theirs. 

32) Share your Top 5 favorite movies of all time and ask fans to share theirs.  

33) Share pictures from your meet & greets or meet & greets that you have attended.

34) Share pictures of your pets.   

35) Ask fans to submit pictures of their pets.

36) Share your most embarrassing childhood story.

37) Ask fans to submit their most embarrassing childhood story.

38) Hold a giveaway of a fellow author's book.  

39) Share how you would have changed the ending to a book you recently read.  

40) Share pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes and ask fans to share theirs.  

41) Post random holiday wishes (Happy national pizza day, everyone!).  

42) Share what is making you happy and ask fans to share what is making them happy as well.  

43) Share pictures of what isn't getting done while you are writing your book (sink full of dishes, anyone?!?).  

44) Share your favorite writing tips.  

45) Ask for help regarding a situation you are struggling with in your book.

46) Share funny or interesting things that happened to you today.

47) Share something amazing you found on PInterest. 

48) Hold a roll-call! Ask fans to check in and ask where they are from.

49) Share a link to your latest blog post.  

50) Congratulate friends/fellow authors on milestones (release dates, best of lists, etc.).  

51) Share links to some of your favorite websites.

52) Hold a local meet-up and share where you will be for some one-on-one time with fans.

53) Give away copies of your book. 

54) If you are attending a conference, share insightful or helpful quotes you hear.

55) Share your best writing secrets/insight. 

56) If you could have coffee with any author, who would it be?  

57) If you could talk to any author, living or dead, what would you ask them? 

58) Share job opportunities.  

59) What is your favorite TV show and why?  

60) Share links to social causes you support.

61) Randomly ask fans whose birthday it is today and wish them a happy birthday.!  

62) Ask fans to submit a random subject title and write a Haiku about it. 

63) Ask fans to submit personality traits for new characters in your book.  

64) Do a video blog and post a link.  

65) Ask fans to sign up for your newsletter.

66) Share fun/funny/interesting photos.

67) Pass along links to other great writers/authors your fans should follow.

68) Ask your readers what they want you to blog about next.

69) Share pictures of your kids artwork.

70) Share pictures of your own artwork. 

71) Ask fans what their dream job would be and share yours.

72) Share tips on how you balance work and family.  

73) Ask fans to share tips on how they balance work and family.  

74) Share how you got your start writing.  

75) Write a blog post how you connected with your agent and post the link.  

76) A "thank you" post to your fans thanking them for their support.

77) Share links to your favorite Pinterest/Instagram/Vine accounts.  

78) Share interesting or funny things that have happened to you throughout the day.

79) Are you procrastinating? Share some of the funny things you have done to avoid getting work done. Have fans share theirs.  

80) Share what your ideal day would consist of and have fans share theirs.  

81) Fun photos from your vacation/latest trip.  

82) Share interesting facts from the research you are conducting for your next book.  

83) Create character boards on your Pinterest page of your new book's characters and share a link.  

84) Ask fans to share who they think is the best fictional villain of all time.

85) Share links to blogs you are reading (both industry related and for pleasure).  

86) Ask fans to share a guilty pleasure and share yours.

87) Ask for new or current movie recommendations.  

88) Share new authors/books that you are excited about.  

89) Share pictures of your favorite reading nook in your house.  

90) Ask fans how they unwind after a crazy day.

91) Share the best life advice you ever received and ask fans to share theirs.

92) Start a list of the funniest character names (from books, movies, life,) and ask fans to contribute.

93) Ask fans for help if you are stuck on a particular subject, scene, character, etc. 

94) Post a link to your blog that has chapters that were edited out of your current book. 

95) Write a blog post on the character backgrounds from your new book to give fans more details/insights to their past.  

96) If you are writing historical fiction, share interesting facts about that era.  

97) Create a mad-libs type post and have fans fill in the blanks and share what they came up with.  

98) Take pictures of your favorite spots around your home town and share them.

99) Organize a meet-up with your fans.

100) Ask fans to come up with 100 things to post on their social media outlets. :)  

What do you think? What would you add to the list? Have any suggestions? We'd love to hear! Leave a comment below with your ideas and let's keep this list going! 


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