130+ of the Best Hashtags for Authors on Instagram

Authors need to know more than what kind of content to share on Instagram. When used correctly, hashtags can help authors connect with new readers and grow a massive audience on Instagram. Hashtags are how people find posts about specific topics they are interested in. That makes hashtags a fantastic way for you to connect with readers you might not have discovered otherwise. 

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More often than not, when I see authors struggling with Instagram, they are not using hashtags correctly - or at all. 

Use Hashtags to Connect Directly With New Readers

Hashtags are how people discover new content and find new people to follow on Instagram. When readers tap on a hashtag, then see your image or video, and then hopefully like or comment on it, that post of yours will get in front of more people since all of that person's followers will be able to see that they liked your post. This is how you grow your audience since they discovered you through a common interest that is designated by that hashtag. And since you share that common interest, you have an opportunity to make a stronger connection with them.

We have the full list of 130+ hashtags for you to download available at the bottom of this post, but here are a few to get you started. The number after each hashtag indicates how many people on Instagram are using that particular hashtag. I recommend using a combination of popular as well as less popular hashtags to help you stand out so your posts don't get lost in the topics that have a ton of posts.  

#bookworm (6,371,173)
#bookworms (235,315)
#bookwormforlife (6,791)
#booklover (3,764,062)
#booklovers (687,615)
#booklove (1,224,768)
#booknerdigans (757,411)
#igbooks (338,186)
#bookish (1,802,618)
#bibliophile (2,739,542)

#writersofinstagram (3,522,603)
#writersofig (1,687,520)
#writerscommunity (971,414)    
#amwriting (725,636)
#nanowrimo (120,441)
#amediting (68,056)
#ilovewriting (30,128)
#authorlife (120,549)
#writerscorner (72,792)
#writerscommunity (971,414)

#AutoBiographical (4,337)
#NonFiction (190,819)
#NonFictionbooks (2,447)
#ChickLit (53,479)
#ParanormalRomance (22,822)
#Poetry (11,413,783)
#PoetryMonth (18,462)
#CrimeFiction (26,076)
#ReadCrimeFiction (2,985)
#RomanticSuspense (9,785)

In our free download, I also share with you how to best use the hashtags within your Instagram post. 

If you haven't used hashtags and are still unsure how to use them or what kinds of posts you should share on Instagram, be sure to click the links - we've got you covered! 

Be sure to download the full list of 130+ hashtags for Instagram below and keep them handy. You'll begin to see a huge difference very quickly! 


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