40 Things To Tweet When Your Creativity Runs Dry

We've all had one of those days - it feels like every ounce of creative juice has been tapped from our brain and it's difficult to come up with something to say. Especially on social media! Coming up with engaging, valuable content on a daily basis can be hard, so I wanted to make it easy for you. Here are 40 ideas to make sure you always have great interactive content to post on Twitter. 

  1. Share a motivational or inspiring quote (try tapping into GoodReads for some great options). 
  2. Share a link to your new blog post.
  3. Highlight a fan with an @mention and thank them for their support.
  4. Share what you're currently reading and tag the author.
  5. Ask for feedback on a new character name.
  6. Introduce tweeps who you think might benefit from knowing one another.
  7. Do a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) by sharing an old picture.
  8. Share one of your favorite writing tools (whether it be digital or a physical tool).
  9. Do a #hashtag search for a topic or genre that relates to what you are writing about/involved with and answer questions or participate in those conversations.
  10. Share an interesting article or blog post that someone else has written - be sure to tag them in the post.
  11. Share a picture that your child (niece, nephew, friend) drew.
  12. Share some of your favorite songs/albums you like to write to.
  13. Ask for book or music recommendations - people love to share what they are into.
  14. Highlight a fellow author and share a link to their website - it's always great to help and promote fellow writers.
  15. Invite followers to join your email list. Give them a good reason to!
  16. Share a writing tip.
  17. Share a Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram page your followers should check out (not necessarily your own).
  18. Share the current state of your writing station (messy or clean!).
  19. Share links to an old (but relevant) blog post - keep those posts alive! 
  20. Funny or random quotes.
  21. Join the conversation on a trending topic.
  22. Write a Haiku.
  23. Give a shout-out to people who inspire you.
  24. Share a link to your favorite blogs or podcasts.
  25. Join a Twitter chat.
  26. Ask a trivia question - come back later with the answer.
  27. Ask questions with simple answers, like "Which do you prefer: coffee or tea?" 
  28. Share a review or testimonial of a new product or service you've had a good/bad experience with.
  29. Live tweet an event you're attending.
  30. Ask a question to learn more about your followers.
  31. Thank followers for retweets.
  32. Go to your Twitter Lists and reply/respond to posts.
  33. Recommend other authors or friends others should follow.
  34. Share your favorite way to waste time when you have writers block.
  35. @mention an influencer you've always wanted to know and thank them for the work they do.
  36. Get a free book download from NoiseTrade Books and share the book on Twitter.
  37. Share a helpful pull quote from an article you've read.
  38. Debut your new book cover art - ask for feedback.
  39. Give three options for a new character name - take a poll to find out what the favorite is.
  40. Share your opinion/thoughts on a newsworthy topic.
  41. (BONUS) Promote your new book (Notice that's last? You can always promote your books, but do it sparingly. Remember, engage with your audience 90% of the time, promote 10% of the time) 

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing again! 

What do you think we should add to the list? What tweets have worked well for you? Share your ideas in the comments below!