5,000 vs. 500: Which Is Better?

Here’s a question for you: Would you rather have 50 acquaintances or 10 deep friendships? This question can be applied to your social media outlets as well: Would you rather have 5,000 one time visitors or 500 dedicated & true fans on Facebook and Twitter?

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to social media. It really does go against the traditional marketing mentality of “blast it out there to as many people as possible and see what sticks.” The beauty of social media is the fact that you can speak directly to a focused, more pinpointed audience who a.) wants to purchase anything and everything that you release, b.) is within your specific niche, and c.) who keeps coming back to your social media pages and website for more.

Granted, like any friendship, it takes time to build a dedicated fan base. It takes time, patience, dedication, and persistence, which is something many people don’t have the patience for. But if you give it time, it is very much worth it!

If you are looking for that quick kick to the top by busting up your Facebook and Twitter follower numbers through various means, you might be sacrificing quality over quantity. Would you rather take your time and find fans that are going to stay with you for the long run, who will share your message and product with their friends, and purchase anything and everything that you sell? Or would you rather have a quick fix boost to your numbers only to find that they won’t stick around in the end?

The choice is yours... acquaintances or deep friendships?