5 Factors To Creating Your Personal Brand Online


The common thread that you want running between your website, social media outlets, and blog is consistency. When fans go from one outlet to the next you want to have the continued look and feel so there is a seamless consistency. This is how you create your brand. 

So how do you actually do that? It's really quite easy if you keep these five factors in mind: 


Even though your book covers may change from project to project, your personal brand should be consistent. This means picking out signature colors for not only your website but for your social media outlets as well. We strongly suggest sticking with a clean, simple, and elegant color palate. Simple colors like black, white, gray, and maybe a standout color (like blue, green, etc.) are great. When you have a clean and simple canvas to work on your content will stand out.


If you are just starting off and can't afford a graphic designer, finding a clean & simple font to use for your name/logo will work quite nicely. Don't get too fancy or flow-y with the font. Think in terms of visibility - is it easy to read? Is it clean and crisp so it will show up even if it's small? Think in terms of visibility.


Your face is an important part of your online branding as well. Having a clear headshot that is used consistently throughout your online outlets (website, social media, speaking events, etc.) is key in building your brand. If you work with a professional photographer they will know to make the shot tight so your face can be seen clearly. Don't go for the arty/abstract photos. 

The key is to keep the same headshot as the avatars for your social media outlets as well as on the main page of your website.


Your overall writing style, approach, and what sets  you appart from other authors adds to your overall brand. By creating a short write-up of your genre, style, and unique selling point will not only give new visitors a quick look into what you write about, but it adds to your overall brand.


Are you going to be warm and engaging with your social media outlets? Are you going to be more informal or stark within your blog posts? More personable or distant? Thinking through how you will engage with your fans and how you want them to interact with you is also very much a part of your brand. How fans perceive you is an important part that many overlook. 

Where else can you use these visuals to continue your brand? 

  • business cards
  • presentations 
  • pamphlets 
  • Facebook cover image 
  • Twitter background
  • YouTube background 
  • portfolio 
  • email address 

Don't overlook the importance of consistency and fluidity between your online outlets and the physical resources you have. They all work together.


QUESTION: How have you created your personal brand? What elements have you used? Any other suggestions that you have found helpful? We'd love to hear! Let us know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook.

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Image courtesy of Davide Guglielmo.