5 Reasons Why Quality Blog Content Will Expand Your Audience

I'm going to be Captain Obvious and state that the world of publishing has changed and continues to change every day. Books are being discovered, discussed and purchased online, which means you have to do a lot more to stand out from the crowd. At first glance that might seem like a daunting task, but by creating quality content through your blog you will expand your audience, establish a foundation for your writing career that will last, and be distinctive online. 

I can speak towards this through personal experience. Our company has seen substantial growth by simply creating quality content for our blog that speaks directly to our audience. In the past we would have had to rely on gatekeepers like editors and TV producers to make our brand visible and promote our services and expertise. But by making ourself more visible online through quality content we have established a connection with our audience that is authentic and long lasting.      

Here are five reasons why every author should create quality blog content to expand their audience: 


1) Quality content is shareable.

One of the best ways to promote your writing isn't by buying ads in a magazine or a 30 second spot on the radio. It's by creating outstanding content that your fans want to share with their friends online.  When readers start sharing your content online your visibility explodes. 


2) It gives you a connection with your readers.

When a fan picks up your book, falls in love with the characters, with your writing style, they don't want that to end! They want to know more, more about you, the characters, your writing process, how you came up with your characters, etc. Your blog is a fantastic way to connect with your readers on a deeper level. 

For non-fiction writers, a blog is an excellent way to share in your expertise, expand on ideas you posed in your book, and more. 



3) It makes you stand out online.

You don't want your visibility to end with reviews. Yes, it will give you a bump in your visibility for a short amount of time, but to extend that and to stay connected with your fans, you need to stay visible online. Creating content to share on your blog is the way to do that. 


4) It establishes trust.

When you answer a question that many people are seeking an answer to, you establish a certain level of trust. By creating consistent content through your blog that resolves curiosity about a subject, answers a question, offers a valid solution to a problem, you are deepening that valued trust. Trusted information and content establishes you as an expert within your genre, which makes you stand out from the pack. 


5) It gives your audience a reason to go back to your website.

Your blog is the number one way to increase traffic to your website. Why? Because it's the one area that will be consistently updated. And when you have consistent, quality content they will come back constantly. And will hopefully bring their friends! 

Are you going to be the perfect blogger right off the bat? No. Will you make mistakes? Yes. It's something that does take time to establish, but if you stick with it, create quality (more so than quantity) content in a consistent manner, you will see results.  


Question: What are some of the lessons you have learned from blogging? How has your blog benefited you and your writing career? Leave a comment below! 

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photo by CATENJ