50 Blog Topics For Fiction Writers

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a writer who wanted to grow her audience. After chatting a few minutes I asked her if she had a blog. She said, "I'm a fiction writer. Why would I have a blog? What would I even write about?" Ahh, my favorite question disguised as a statement. Yes, fiction writers can have blogs that are full of fantastic information, insight, and interest for their readers. Blogs are a great way to think outside of the box, challenge yourself as a writer and, as an added bonus, engage and grow your audience.

So, I came up with a list of blog topics that fiction writers could use…before I knew it I had a list of 50.  Add to the list in the comment section below!




  1. Talk about the inspiration behind your current book (if you have more than one book out, do a series on what inspired each of those books) 
  2. Who or what inspired your characters
  3. How you do your research
  4. Share chapters or sections that might have been cut from the final draft
  5. Have your fans submit questions that you answer in your blog
  6. Share a picture of your writing space and talk about some unique or special things you have within that space
  7. Share the story of how you became a writer, who inspired you, etc.
  8. Review books that you are currently reading
  9. Share your character's backstory
  10. Write the blog post as one of the characters in your book
  11. Share specific struggles you face when writing and how you have (or are trying to) work through them
  12. If you are a published author share how you published your first book
  13. If you are a self-published author share how you went about that process
  14. If you are working on a new book introduce your readers to a new character or locations that will be featured
  15. If you are researching your new book share how you are going about it (and include pictures if you can!)
  16. Talk about your favorite book growing up and the impact it had on you
  17. Do your characters have special hobbies or interests? Do a post in character talking about those interests (cooking, gardening, various collections, etc.)
  18. Interview one of your characters
  19. Come across something interesting in your research? Write about it!
  20. Is someone assisting you in your research efforts? Feature them!
  21. Share the most valuable writing tips you have received
  22. What was the best review you have received for a book?
  23. What was your worst review and what did you learn from it?
  24. Who is your writing hero?
  25. What elements from your life were weaved throughout your latest book?
  26. Where do you find inspiration?
  27. Do you battle writers block? How do you work through that?
  28. What advice do you have for wanna be writers? Share your writers story.
  29. Name your Top 10 all-time favorite books and why you love them
  30. What is in your writers toolbox? For example, what computer do you use? Do you write longhand? What kind of pen do you use? What writing software do you use? And so on…
  31. What struggles do your characters face?
  32. What is your ultimate goal as a writer?
  33. Do you have writer friends? Interview and feature them on your blog.
  34. Did you talk with a specialist for your book? Interview and feature them.
  35. What is your writing process like?
  36. Create a playlist of your favorite music you like to listen to while you write
  37. Ask fans to vote on the names of your upcoming characters
  38. Have fans contribute or vote on your next book cover & feature it on your blog
  39. Are your characters based on friends or family? Give them more insight into how they inspired that character.
  40. Share pictures of the town/city/location that inspired the setting of your books. Talk about specific locations featured in the book and why they were included.
  41. Do you have a writing ritual? Blog about it.
  42. Share a character's "favorite recipe" or a "secret family recipe" and cook it. Share pictures.
  43. Is your book historical fiction? Write about what life was like then. Share special details within your research, food they ate, how life was different, etc.
  44. Any writing advice you want to share with aspiring authors
  45. How you market your books
  46. Ask for fans favorite story lines and see if they have ideas or suggestions regarding what should happen next
  47. If you are a published author with many books under your belt, write about the difference between your first book and your latest. Talk about the differences in style, character development, etc.
  48. Working on a new book? Share the first chapter and get feedback.
  49. Put new writers minds at ease with your "Top 10 Most Common Writing Obstacles Every Writer Faces" list
  50. How you celebrate when your book is completed


QUESTION: What would you add to the list? Leave a comment below! 

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Photo by Andrew Murray