50+ Examples of Great Social Media Posts For Authors

Inspiration is a good thing. Especially when you’re struggling to figure out how to do something really well. I’m sure that you can recall times where you’ve seen an image or heard a story that sparked a new idea in your mind and you ran with it. 

A few weeks ago I was chatting with an author about her struggles in trying to figure out what to post on her social media outlets. I shared with her some examples and it was like I could see the lightbulb light up over her head - she got it! Just a few examples were what she needed to get the ball rolling and create her own posts and images that spoke directly to her ideal reader. 

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I wanted to share with you a collection of great posts that you can use to inspire your own social media connections. But before we jump into that, I want to highlight a few things. 

Think About Your Ideal Reader 

Creating posts that speak to your ideal reader, what they are interested in, what their hobbies are, and what they would want to share with their friends is the key to being more visible online so you can draw in new readers. Knowing your readers is what it's all about. 

*BTW, we have a free video series coming out in a few weeks that will show you exactly how to do this, so stay tuned!! 

Be Familiar With Each Outlet 

Facebook and Pinterest are obviously very different. What and how you post varies from outlet to outlet. So familiarize yourself with the outlets you feel your ideal reader is on and observe it for a few days. Get a feel for it and then jump in. If you aren’t sure which outlet to use, click here to find out which is best for you and your readers.

Focus On Connecting, Not Selling

Remember, social media is where you find and connect with new people. Focus on creating posts that will spark conversations. Ask questions. Share images that they will want to share with their friends. Use the examples in this resource to spark your own ideas in creating your own conversations to engage with your readers. 

Create Eye Catching, High Quality Images 

I know the idea of creating images for social media might freak you out a bit, but there is an amazing tool called Adobe Spark that gives anyone the power to create and share their own professional quality images. It’s fool proof and so easy to use. It allows you to create custom images that have the proper dimensions for each social media outlet using amazing photos, fonts, and colors - everything you need right there in one place. We have a tutorial on how to use it right here


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