7 Amazing Tools to Simplify Instagram for Authors

Instagram is by and far my favorite social media outlet. I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but it is!  

Instagram is a treasure trove for authors! It's a great way to find and connect with new readers. Here are the best tools that authors need to use to get the most out of Instagram while saving time.

I know that trying to manage a thriving Instagram profile, a writing career, family, and other life demands can be time-consuming and completely overwhelming. 

Who has time for it all?!? 

Well, I’m going to share with you seven of my favorite tools that help us manage Instagram for our business and our clients that give us fantastic results. 

Tool #1 - Adobe Spark 

I use this app every single day. And, to be perfectly honest, I love the app even more than using it on my desktop. I can easily create images and animated videos in just a few minutes a day. Adobe Spark helps you create amazing images that will help you attract new followers. One of my favorite features is that you can create one image and easily resize it for every social media outlet. Adobe automatically resizes the image for you. And best of all - IT’S FREE!!! 

Tool #2 - Headliner

Instagram only allows 60 second video clips in your newsfeed, so creating a clip that you can easily edit and upload is important. Headliner is - hands down - the easiest tool to use. If you have an audio clip from a podcast interview, you can upload the MP3, select the section you want to use, add a background image, and you turned your audio clip into a video. Here’s an example. If you have speaking event you can edit the clip down to the section that you want, add captioning (they transcribe it for you - though you might need to edit it a bit for mistakes) and you have video clip. Here’s an example of that clip type. Best of all, it’s FREE!!  

Tool #3 - Afterlight 

I’m by no means a professional photographer - heck, I wouldn’t even consider myself a good photographer! But the Afterlight app certainly helps me make my photos look pretty darn amazing. It’s my favorite photo editing tool - it’s easy to use, straightforward and gives you great results. 

Tool #4 - Repost 

When you come across an amazing post that you want to share with your readers, Repost is the way to go. All you have to do is copy the link and it goes into the Repost app so you can share it with your audience. Straightforward, easy to use, and it works. 

Tool #5 - Followers 

This is a fantastic app to help you stay up to date with your Instagram analytics, find out who has unfollowed you, who is not following you back, and a lot more. You get a lot of features in the free version of the Followers app, but you get even more with the paid version. It’s the best Instagram community management tool I’ve used. 

Tool #6 - Later 

I have to give credit to CJ Bernstein for encouraging me to try this tool. I’ve been an avid Buffer fan for years, but I gave Later a try and I LOVE IT. It’s fantastic for Instagram because you can see how your posts will look in the layout before they go live. It helps you create a great flow of visuals and you can easily move them around to get the look that you’re going for on your page. And the scheduling features are fantastic! I'm still new to this app, but I'm already a huge fan.

Tool #7 - LinkInProfile.com

The only way to direct people to your blog or to a webpage outside of Instagram is the link in your profile. And if you're sharing multiple blog posts or want to drive people to a particular page on your website, it can be a bit tiresome changing your profile link all the time. And when you change the link, you'll miss out on traffic that your other posts point to. To fix this, we have LinkInProfile. If you want to see it in action, you can visit my Instagram page, but it's very straightforward. All you do is include the URL in your post and LinkInProfile does the rest. It makes every URL you share viewable. It's awesome. 

If you sign up for Later.com, they have a similar feature called LinkIn.bio that comes with their plan. 

So there you have it! I use these tools every single day and they have helped me not only manage and grow my Instagram following but have allowed me to focus my time on what’s most important. 

In the comments below, share your favorite tools and apps - I’d love to hear!