A Picture's Worth A Thousand Likes

Today I got one of my favorite kinds of emails from a client. The subject was, "You were right! It worked!" A few days ago I talked with an author who wanted to continue and grow her Facebook presence and wanted to know if I had any insight. She was already posting every day, had a great work ethic, was active online, and so on.

Something I always suggest to clients is to use more images within their Facebook and Twitter posts. Finding inspiring quotes online and creating a lovely or interesting visual along with it to connect with the post is a fantastic way to not only give your post a visual but it gives you a key factor to your social media presence: sharability.

You want to create content that your fans want to share with their friends. That way your name, message, and product will get in front of an even larger & wider audience.

For example, I'm working with a fantastic company called City On A Hill Productions who has a book and small group study out called Not A Fan. It's incredibly successful and they are drawing in thousands of new fans every week.

I decided to do a little research and posted just a text post and the next day include a picture that I found that was relevant to the message and audience of Not A Fan. Check this out:

Below is a general text post that we made:

It's nothing to balk at...47 shares, 279 people liked the post, we had a few comments. Totally fine. BUT...

Check out when we added a picture:

HELLO! Almost 600 shares, over 1,200 likes and 25 comments. I'd say that's a healthy improvement.

If you are looking at improving your presence online, think about adding images or video to your posts on your social media outlets and blog posts. Tap into Pinterest (and if you can find out who created the picture, be sure you give them credit) and include some of the images you find there. It's a little hazy re: copyrights, but if you link to where you found the image or know who to give credit to, I'm sure they would appreciate the added publicity.

Images go a long way!

We want to hear from you? Have you found adding images and video to your social media and blog improved your likes, shares and overall presence? Let us know in the comments below!

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