A Quick And Easy Way to Increase Your Social Media Reach

If you're in the market for a two-minute way to improve your reach on social media, I have the answer for you...

...and it's found in trends. When you follow what is "trending" on Facebook and Twitter, you know it's a hot topic and something that you can take part in. Simply hashtag and incorporate key words into post and it will be seen by more people. Will everything that is trending speak directly to your audience? Not all the time, but you never know when something interesting or relevant will pop up. 

So where do you find out what is trending? 

On Twitter, everyone has a "Trends" box on the lefthand sidebar. Twitter automatically defaults to find trends in your area, but you can change trends by choosing a different location. When you join in the conversation about what people are talking about right now your tweets will be seen by a wider audience. 

On Facebook, the trending feature isn't available for everyone right now. But if you do have access to it, it's a great way to broaden your reach. Trending on Facebook can be found on the right side of your homepage in the top righthand column. Now it's important to note that what is trending on Facebook will most likely be different than Twitter, so it's good to keep those conversations separate. 

*Image found on Facebook.com/help 

*Image found on Facebook.com/help 

Looking at and checking on trending topics takes less than a minute. Create a Facebook post or Tweet around those topics and your posts will be seen by a broader audience. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: Go to your Facebook or Twitter page and see what's trending and put this tip into practice! Let us know the results in the comments below. 

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