Amazon buys GoodReads: What authors need to know and do announced yesterday that they are to acquire When I read the announcement I thought, "Well, that makes sense!" It was interesting to read the Twitter feeds after the announcement was made - some were downright angry about it, some were thrilled, others were rather indifferent. I, for one, think it could be a fantastic pairing - as long as Amazon honors the community and approach that GoodReads has worked hard to establish. GoodReads is a trusted outlet and social media gathering place for book lovers. Granting avid readers a way to purchase a book directly off of it's site would be, I think, an amazing resource. And the power of both Amazon and GoodReads together could be a marriage made in heaven. 

But there are some elements that you, as an author, should have in place before the acquisition is complete to make sure you get the most out of this new set up. 

1) Get a GoodReads account (if you don't already have one) 

If you are an author and you don't already have a GoodReads account, sprint on over and grab yourself one. GoodReads is chuck full of your ideal customer: avid readers! They have an Author Program that grants authors their own page that connects their books, blog, video, and more in one spot. GoodReads has excellent information on their site regarding how to set up your profile and how to use the author program, so be sure to check that out. 

2) Get an author profile

Amazon allows authors to have a Author Page that holds more information about you, your book, your photos, blog and more. This is another great way for you to connect with new fans and let them know more about you. With Amazon and GoodReads joining forces, this will be essential for all authors to have. 

3) Connect your blog to your Amazon & GoodReads author profile

This is a fantastic way to connect with new readers and engage them with content through your blog. Content is the new currency and by having your blog on both your Amazon and GoodReads accounts you are giving fans a new way to interact with you. 

4) Make sure your information is updated 

It's easy to just load and forget about your profiles, but make sure that everything is up to date; your current releases, your images, book covers, information, correct web address & other social media links, etc. Make sure everything is correct and current. 

5) Drive fans to GoodReads and Amazon to write reviews

While we don't know what the new set-up will look like exactly, it's certain that with GoodReads 23 million reviews and Amazon's online retail power that fan reviews are going to be an essential resource. 

6) Be active 

By taking part in the various groups on GoodReads, taking advantage of their Q&A and book giveaway resources, and contributing to reviews and other conversations on Amazon, your presence and influence will greatly increase. This is something that will only draw more attention to you and your books. So take part! 

Obviously with this announcement still fresh on everyone's mind and the fact that we don't have every detail in place, there are still questions as to how everything will work. Time will tell. Until then, set yourself up to be ready for the change and take part. 

QUESTION: What do you think are the pros and cons to this new acquisition? Are you for or against? Do you have any additional tips for authors?  Please leave a comment. 

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