Are You Annoying Your Fans?'s a dreaded word in both life and in your online presence. Who wants to annoy fans, potential fans, and friends?? No one! Even though many people have the absolute best intentions and feel like they are doing a good job in getting the word out about a book, blog post, event, etc., there is a very fine line in being informative and the dreaded "A" word.

So how do you know if you run the possibility of being annoying online? Check out the five signs below:




Let's say you just wrote a blog and you want to let your fans know about it on your social media outlets. Fantastic! Create some catchy copy for your post, attach the link, and bam! You're good to go. What happens after you make that initial post is where things can get a bit hairy. Do you repost that same copy/link 2-3 times (or more!) a day? Do you rehash the same content all week? Do you digitally shove your content down your fans throats and clutter up their feeds with posts? If you've said yes to these questions, you might be annoying your fans.

Yes, you need to let your fans know more than once that you have a new blog post, important news, or updates. We will go into more detail on the importance of your post copy in another blog, but what you write to catch the attention of your fans so they WANT to read your blog is really important. And just rehashing that copy over and over and over again isn't effective. Repost your blog link 2-3 times in a week to remind people that your blog is up (with new copy!) and be mindful of your fans feeds.


Several months ago I "followed" a company on Twitter that seemed rather interesting. I go to my feed a few minutes later and my page was literally filled with posts that they had made within 10 seconds of each other. I had to scroll down to see another person's post! I had "followed" and "unfollowed" that company in less than a minute. Bombarding your Twitter and Facebook followers with updates doesn't mean they will like you's actually the opposite. There is a fine line in being informative and being obnoxious about your posts. Their isn't a perfect formula regarding how many times you should post a day, but the general rule is 2-4 posts a day MAX for Facebook (I tend to lean more toward 2-3 times a day), and 8-10 times a day for Twitter. It's something you need to feel out and see what your audience responds to.


Facebook makes it very easy to target posts for people in specific cities, states, and countries. So if you have a book signing in a specific town, why not target your audience in that particular area? Showing fans this attention to detail tells them that you a) are mindful of what you want and need them to see, b) you don't want to clutter up their news feed, and c) what you share with them is important. Case in point, I received a friend request from an artist who seemed rather cool, so I accepted. Every single day he would post multiple reminders to gigs that I was nowhere near. I ended up ignoring all of his posts and, eventually, unfriended him. Be mindful of who you target in your posts.


Social media isn't about talking at's talking with people. If you find yourself just sharing stories about yourself, things that only pertain to you and your interests, honey, you're going to be sad and alone online! Post questions and respond to what your fans have to say; if someone posts a comment on your wall, respond to it; create conversations that your fans and potential fans can be a part of.


Did you know that posts with 80 characters or less received 27% higher engagement rates? That's huge! Keeping your posts short, sweet and to the point is key. Put yourself in your fans shoes. Would you read a post that went on and on OR would you read a short post that caught your eye? When posting on Facebook, think like you're posting on Twitter with limited real estate.

It's a fine balance and one that you need to find that works for you and your audience. Listen to them and see what they respond to. But remember, posting your content and relying on your fans to help you spread the word is MUCH better than posting that you have a new blog, show, feature, etc., 75 times on your social media outlets. Let your fans do the heavy lifting for you!

QUESTION: What have you found to be helpful in minding how many posts you make a day/week? Any tools, hints, tips you like to share? If so, leave a comment in the section below! We'd love to hear from you! And feel free to share this with your friends by clicking on the "share" buttons at the top of this post.

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