Six Steps To Stand Out From the Crowd Online

How can your book stand out from the crowd online when the industry is over saturated? 

I love this question! Mainly because there is a remedy for the problem as well as a way to actually see big results. And its not only in drawing attention to your book but also in helping you build your career as a writer.

The internet makes it possible for anyone to sell online, which is exhilarating for some and leaves others with their knees knocking in fear. If publishers are fighting to get their books noticed, how can you? How can your book stand out in an over saturated market?

Here are six simple (but key!!) ways to boost your visibility in a crowded industry online:


In today’s world you have to approach your book, writing, speaking engagements, etc., as a professional and it has to be top notch. It’s not a time to do mediocre work - you have to give your all. What separates what you do from a hobby and a career is how much time and effort you put into your craft and letting people know about it. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, have a huge staff or know every powerful person in your field. It’s all in how you present yourself.

Do you have an attractive website that is easy to navigate? Do you have a strategy and plan in place? Is the look and feel of your website consistent with your social media outlets and other promotional resources? You want to make sure that you are presenting yourself in a professional manner. And let me tell you, people notice!


To really stand out online it is imperative that you have a consistent voice online. That means through your blog, your social media outlets, and other online resources. When your potential fans see that you actually show up every day and take interest in what they have to say, what you want to share with them, etc., they will want to be a part of it! If you put forth a mediocre effort why should you expect so much more from your fans?


Several months ago I was doing some research on a potential client and I had to look long and hard to even find their website. That’s not good!! If I can’t find it (and I’m actually looking for it) how can people actually discover you?

Here’s the thing, when you create a reason for people to go back to your site (be it through your blog, consistently updated videos, images, etc.), you direct people from your social media outlets back to your site, and give fans shareable content (giving them a reason to share your social media outlets/website) with their friends, it bumps up your SEO and moves you up within the search engines.

The reason why I couldn’t find the website of this potential client was because they had absolutely no new information posted on their website in nearly a year. No one was going there! Because fans didn’t have a reason to go there. And they weren’t active on their social media outlets so it was pretty much stagnant for a year. Not good when you’re trying to sell something.


This is huge. And it’s not just about being nice to people (which, come on, you should be doing anyway). Do you respond to emails in a timely & proper manner? Do you work hard to provide excellent results? Do you arrive to events or interviews on time and behave in a professional manner? Seriously, this all adds up and people talk! If you are pleasant to work with, provide excellent results, have things set up ahead of time, are on time and ready to go, it speaks volumes. And people will want to work with you again and recommend you to everyone they know.


I guarantee you, even if you have been doing what you’ve been doing for 35 years you still have new things to learn about your industry. We should always be learning something. It’s expanding your horizons, it’s growing and building your career. As an author don’t just look at what other writers are doing online. Look into other industries and draw inspiration from them. And that goes for any profession. Subscribe to blogs, read books and articles, ask questions, meet and network with new people. I promise you, reaching outside of your comfort zone and educating yourself in new areas will do wonders for you and your career.


And honestly friends, it’s all about having a fantastic product to talk about. The cream really does rise to the top. If you have a mind blowingly good book, people will want to talk about it, share it with their friends and support you. It’s all about creating excellence. Don’t just toss together a mediocre book or a splotchy presentation - put out something phenomenal that you truly believe in. You will not only be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished, but it will make you want to work all the harder to let people know about it.

QUESTION: So now it’s your turn. How do you make yourself and your books stand out online? What’s some advice you’d like to share with everyone? Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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