Blogging 101 Series - Getting Started

A few weeks ago I had a conversion with someone who thought that blogging was "self-indulgent" and just another way to talk about ourselves. True, many people do use blogs as a form of self expression, as an online diary, or even to keep loved ones in formed of what's going on. But a blog used to promote and grow your business is an entirely different story.

Blogging is one of the best ways to not only connect with your current audience but also grow your online presence. It's one thing to make connections through social media (which I kind of see as the "hook" to draw people in) but it's how you keep them and continue your engagement with them that's key. Blogging is an excellent way to do just that.

Blogging is more than just sitting down at your computer and writing something with hopes that people will find it and connect with it. For blogging to be effective and helpful with growing your audience, there are some key steps to follow.

Over the next few days we are going to cover the basics of blogging, what you need to do to get started, to revamp your existing blog, and more.

Here are a few questions you need to answer and points to think about before jumping into the world of blogging:


1) Who are you trying to reach?

Thinking about the type of person or niche that you want to connect with is key in establishing your blog. When you know who you want to talk to you will know what to write. 


2) Are you taking yourself out of the equation?

Yes, you are writing the blog and you are writing about what you are passionate about or what you want to promote. This isn't the "all about me" blog. Think about your audience and write with them in mind. Think about what you want them to walk away with and keep them coming back for more. 


3) Do you have the time and dedication?

One of the biggest downfalls that people have with blogging is getting all ramped up and ready to blog and then two weeks into it they fall off the face of the earth. Making sure that you are dedicated to writing a blog at least once a week and sticking to it is critical in seeing success.


4) Are you keeping in mind that it's not a quick fix?

Blogging is something that will take time and dedication. You might not see the benefits to it for many months down the road. Keep in mind that when you put the time I promise that you will see them benefits. 


5) Are you plugged into social media?

In order for others to know that you have a blog you need to let people know about it. Your social media outlets are the best way to do that. Make sure you keep your social media updated as well to make connections. A blog isn't as effective if no one knows about it!


Think through these questions and points and write your answers down. When you have a clear vision of who your audience is and your approach, the rest will be easier to figure out and make your blog a success.

There is a lot more about blogging to come so stay tuned!!!


QUESTION: Do you blog? If so, what are some tips you have gathered along the way?  Leave us a comment below! 

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Photo by Marcus dePaula