Bloggity Blog Blog

Do you have blogs that you visit every day like clockwork? For me it’s design blogs. I absolutely love looking through posts that show how people decorate their houses, how they organize them, etc. I love it! I started thinking about WHY I love looking at these blogs. Well, visually they are beautiful. They post pictures, sometimes video, they show insider tips, they give great ideas, and the list goes on. But here’s the other thing: they post every single day.


I go back to these sites because they are constantly posting new material, give exclusives and share ideas. But the kicker is consistency.

Do you, your band or your company have a blog? What are you doing to share what’s going on within your world? What are you doing to showcase new music or talk about last nights show? How are you sharing your experience and insight within your business?

Granted, you might not have enough material to post every single day multiple times a day. And that’s totally fine. BUT you need to get in the habit of posting something at least once or twice a week. Communication and sharing your valuable information is key.