CREATIVE MERCH: It's more important than you think!

Several years ago I had a conversation with an artist I worked with regarding CD sales and he made a statement that might surprise some of you. He said, “I make more money selling stickers than I do off of CD sales.” It needs to be said, if you haven’t heard already, that musicians can’t make a living off of just selling their music. As a DIY artist what you sell at your show and online store needs to be just as creative and a “draw” as your music itself.  Are you selling the same thing as everyone else or have you gotten creative in your merch to draw some attention to your band and music?

If you’re thinking, “What?? Come up with MORE merch?!?” Take heart...I’m about to introduce you to your new best friend. 

It’s called it’s chuck full of creative people who MAKE amazing and creative art, shirts, bags, you name it, that you can collaborate with to create some one-of-a-kind pieces for your merch table.

Take for example, Penny Harrison with who has a store on Etsy.  She embroiders song lyrics, images, movie quotes, and other awesomeness to create some incredibly cool stuff. She does custom orders and has some amazing stuff already at her store. She can embroider canvas frames, cloth, hoop art, pendant necklaces...seriously, it’s the coolest stuff ever.

And then there are other artists like Lauri Leiweke with KnitClickGo who knits and creates other very cool stuff like iPhone & iPad holders, scarves, monster dolls, and other custom’s amazing!! Lauri does fantastic work and her husband is a producer, so she gets it :) Collaborating with other artists only adds to the unique factor for your merch, which is a good thing!

Even if you just look around sites like Etsy that have creative people selling amazing art, necklaces, rings, etc., you will find fellow artists who can partner with you to create really creative merch that will help draw more attention to you, your band, and other creative artists.

Check out here!

Check out KnickClickGo here!