Don't market to strangers: 5 tips for communicating with fans


 *This blog post was originally posted last year, but due to the popularity of it, we thought we would post it again!  

One of the keys to effective communication is listening. Have you ever thought about that? Often when we think about communicating we only think of it as what WE have to say or share. But if our “conversation” was only one sided, that wouldn’t be communication. Communicating is something that requires participation from more than just one person. 

How are you communicating with your fans? Are you listening to what they have to say, offer, and share? We live in a golden time where bands, musicians, companies, etc., can interact directly with their fans and customers...that’s amazing!  Up until about seven or eight years ago, the term “marketing” consisted of talking AT people through print publications, radio, TV, etc. But now we can have true two-way conversations with fans through social media outlets, your blog, etc. That way when you need to promote something you are talking to people that you KNOW rather than promoting to strangers. 

So how can you communicate effectively with your fans? Here are a few thoughts and tips: 

1.) BE ACTIVE: Again, communication takes participation. It isn’t enough to just sign up for social media outlets and then leave it to its own devices. You need to be a part of the conversation in order to make connections. 

2.) BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Twitter and Facebook offer an amazing opportunity to connect and get to know people you wouldn’t get to know otherwise. Reply to tweets and get to know people, answer questions that fans post in a timely manner, ask questions to get a conversation rolling, and so on. It’s just like any relationship...the more time you spend with people the more you get to know them. 

3.) SHARE QUALITY CONTENT: Did you find an article or blog that was interesting or helpful? Share it! Find an inspiring quote? Post it! Discover a great new band? Tell your fans! You don’t need to share every little thing that you do during the day. In fact, I would discourage that. You want people to sit up and pay attention to what you have to say. Be sure what you post and how you interact with others provides quality and not just a bunch of fluff.   

4.) REACH OUT TO OTHERS: Did you find an interesting band or company on Twitter? Reach out to them and start up a conversation. Did you read an interesting blog post? Leave a comment to let them know you appreciated it. Don’t just sit there and wait for others to reach out to you...reach out to them! 

5.) BE GENUINE: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself! 

Be creative and take advantage of the great outlet that social media provides. Get to know your fans and let them get to know you!