Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile: Why Should I Care?

What's the difference between a Facebook Page and a Profile? Which should I use?

This might seem like a simple topic but it's a question I've been answering more often than not. Some don't see the big difference, some don't want to change or add another Facebook destination, and others just don't care. Here's the thing: It's kind of a big deal. If anything it's something that you should at least know the difference between and know what you might be missing out on.

So, let's just break it down first and then we will jump into the meatier stuff:


Your Facebook Profile is to be used for personal purposes, like staying in touch with family, friends, meeting new people, etc. The way you can tell the difference between a profile and a page is in the following:

If it is a Profile you will see the option to "Add Friend" or if they are already your friend it will say "Friends" right below the main cover image of your profile.

If it is a Page it will have a "Like" or "Liked" if you already like their Page.

A Facebook Page is intended to be more focused on your business to engage, promote and sell whatever you are trying to promote. Whether that be music, books, services, etc., a Page should be focused on that. Facebook is pretty clear regarding the fact that a Profile is for personal use and not for "monetary gain." I've read that Facebook can take down your Profile if they find you using it for business purposes, but I have not heard of anyone that has happened to.

All that to say, Facebook wants your Profiles to be kept personal, your Page to be for your business/promotional.


I had a conversation with an author recently who said that she felt she only needed a Facebook Profile because a.) she felt people were more engaged on Profiles rather than Pages, and b.) she had already accumulated a healthy group of friends and didn't want to start a Page because she was covered with her Profile.

Yes, a Profile does tend to be more engaging and add to that the fact that anyone can subscribe to your public posts makes it sound sweeter still. BUT there are several things that a Profile is missing if you are only using that for your business or professional endeavors.

  • On Pages you have access to VITAL fan insights, which are very important in not only building your brand but knowing how to best engage your fan base.
  •  If you purchase Facebook ads (which is a great way to expand your audience) you can target your existing fans. Ads aren't an option for Profiles.
  •  You can create opt-in opportunities for your fans. As you develop relationships with your growing fan base and you gain their trust, you can encourage them to sign-up for your newsletter or other opportunities to further your relationship with them, which can help you lead to more sales.
  • You can have multiple people serve as administrators on your Page. It's not just connected to you, which is very helpful as you grow your business and people start to step in and help.
  • You can create custom tabs and apps, which are another fantastic way to help expand your brand and engage fans more
  • You can target updates by location and language, which is fantastic while on tour, have speaking events, conventions, etc., in specific areas so you don't spam your entire list.


Our advice in this matter: have both a personal Profile and a Page for your business.

One of the biggest reasons you should want to consider having both is to keep your personal life and your professional life separate. True, many of those who know and love you will want to know about what you are doing and support you. But there will come a time when you want to share personal things with just your friends and family and not with your professional connections or fans.

Keeping things separate and focused will not only help you within branding your business but it will also help in keeping your message clear and targeted. While you might want to share pictures of your new dog or baby with both your friends/family and fans, there might be news and updates that won't be as appropriate to share with both parties.

QUESTION: What has been your experience with this? Do you have both a personal Profile and a business Page? How have you grown your Profile "likes" over the years? Leave a comment below!

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