Five Proven Tricks To Increase Website Traffic


When it comes to using online resources many have the "if I build it they will come" mentality. In this day and age where the internet is flooded with information, online resources, and other authors trying to market their books, it is essential that your website stands out from the crowd.  

Today we are going to focus on how to drive more traffic to your website, which is your home base on the internet. A mistake many people make in developing their online presence is focusing all of their time and energy on their social media outlets. While these outlets are important, everything should be pointing back to your website. 

Why? Because this is the one place on the internet that you control. What if Twitter goes down or there is an unexpected glitch on Facebook that leaves you hanging for days? You want to make sure that you have established your website as the "go to place" for information and interaction. 

And activity on your website improves your search engine results on Google and Bing. The more traffic you have through your social media outlets going to your website, the higher your site will rank in search results. 

So how do you drive more traffic to your website? It's actually very easy! Here are five proven tips that will drive incredible traffic to your website: 

Creating quality content 

Your blog is the number one reason why fans will continue to go back to your website. Why? Because it's the one place on your website that will be (or should be!) consistently updated. While consistency is key with blogging, quality content is the secret sauce. What do I mean by quality content? I mean posts that your fans and potential fans will find great value in, and then want to share with their friends. It can be helpful or informational posts (like how you write about your characters, writing tips, etc.) insight into your characters or settings, maybe funny or entertaining stories, sharing personal insights, and so on. It's really about knowing your audience and what they respond to. 

Giveaways, contests or discounts 

Facebook has some pretty strict rules in regards to holding contests and giveaways. So what I suggest you do is hold contests and giveaways on your website. Contests are a fantastic way to not only draw new eyes to your website but it also gives you a chance to give away copies of your books or other products you have to offer. When potential fans are given an opportunity to try out what you have to offer for free will certainly help them convert from a casual visitor to a dedicated fan. Plus, who doesn't want free stuff?!

And offering coupon codes, special discounts, or specific sales will also draw in new eyes to your website, which is a great way to increase sales too! 

Create a pleasant experience

Is your website cluttered and difficult to navigate through? Do you have high quality images or other visuals? Do your links work? Many underestimate the actual layout and look of their website in regards to traffic. If your visitors don't have a pleasant experience on your website, you can bet that they won't recommend friends to visit your site or even go back themselves. The actual look and feel of your website is just as important as the content you create. If you wonder how your website stacks up, feel free to call us for our website evaluation services. 

Guest posts 

Writing a guest post is very similar to writing an article for a publication, but in my opinion, it's even better. When you offer to write a blog for another author's website and include links to your website at the end of your post, you will drive those fans back to your website. The same goes with offering another author or expert to write a piece for your website. They will advertise it because they want to have their fans read their post, so they will direct fans to your website to read it. It's a win/win situation! And one you should take advantage to boost your visibility. 

Social media

This may seem like a no-brainer but it's one that many forget to take advantage of. Social media and websites are like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are two separate things but they work soooo well together. You always need content for your social media posts and you need to let your fans know about new content or other things happening on your website. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to drive traffic back to your website. Always link them together and make sure your website link is easy to find. 

Don't fall victim to offers from companies offering to boost search engine results or your website's visibility. It's an unnecessary service if you are willing to put some time into your website and create reasons for your fans to consistently go back to your site. It's not something that will happen overnight…this does take time. So put the time in and create a powerful online presence with a fantastic website.

QUESTION: What tricks have you used to increase your website traffic? We'd love to hear! Share your thoughts below...

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