For The Technically Challenged: How To Create Amazing Images In 60 Seconds


If you've been following Mixtus Media for a while, you've heard us talk about the importance of including great images or visuals within your social media, blogs, and online presence. Strong visuals are not only vital to make you stand out online but to create shareable content for your fans/followers to share with their friends. It's a key component to growing and establishing your platform. 

All that to say, I know one of the biggest challenges that many of us face (myself included!) is the fact that we might not be great photographers, have the technical know-how to edit/create visuals, or we just feel overwhelmed. 

Well my friends, I have the answer for you and it has quickly become one of my favorite tools to use to create great graphics and visuals. It's easy to use, it's high quality,'s incredibly inexpensive! I'm talking FREE to $2.99. 

It's called InstaQuote. Even though it looks like it's created only for Instagram you can use the visuals everywhere. What InstaQuote does is allows you to create beautiful text graphics easily. It has a wide range of backgrounds, fonts, colors, textures, and effects that you can use to create a great visual. You can also use your own images/pictures as well. 

Here's how it works: 

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.52.59 PM.png

You start off with a blank canvas with multiple background, font, and texture options, even for the free version. Of course if you upgrade to the paid version (only $2.99) you will have access to many more options. Simply find a quote or whatever you would like your image to say, double tap on your screen, and type your quote. 

photo 1.PNG
photo 2.PNG

When you finish writing your quote, click the green checkmark at the top righthand side of your text box. Then you can decide what image, texture, font, etc., you would like on your image. 

photo 3.PNG

Simply swipe along the bottom with the various styles you can pick from and it takes care of everything for you. I'd encourage you to play around with it and see all of the different images you can very easily create with InstaQuote. It's a lot of fun! 

When you are finished, simply click the "Q" with the arrow coming out of it at the bottom righthand corner. This will allow you to post your image on Instagram, Twitter, or your camera roll on your phone. Most of the time I just add it to my camera roll so I can post my images to Buffer on all of my social media outlets. 

photo 4.PNG

And you are good to go! It's easy, quick, and helps you create quality visuals that you need to help you build your audience and create shareable content. 

photo 5.JPG

Now it's your turn...what tools do you use to create visuals? Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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