Help! I'm Stuck In A Social Media Rut!


Are you feeling drained? Like every original thought has been rung out of your head like a wet towel? Thought of writing another blog, status update, headline, makes you want to weep. Oh yeah...we've all be there. You're stuck in a rut. In fact, I was just there last week! 

So how do you get out of your social media funk? Below are four simple tips to revive your inspiration and get you back on track: 

1) Curate Rather Than Create

The heavy weight of creating new content every week can feel overwhelming and might even cause you to burn out. By finding articles, blog entries, news items that are of interest to your audience or speak into what you write about is a great way to keep your social media and blog consistent without having to create new content. Write a few lines about the article you are linking to and create some action items like asking them to leave a comment or share their thoughts.

2) Recycle 

Who said you can't revive an old blog post or reuse an update you posted on Facebook? As your audience grows your older blog entries and posts will be new to your budding fans. It's a great way to keep blog entries alive and keep information flowing that others might not have seen when you posted it before. But make sure that your blog post is still relevant and updated. And simply reword your Facebook & Twitter posts to keep it fresh.

3) Peek In On Others

Nothing gives you a good kick in the pants like seeing what others are blogging about or posting on their social media outlets.  Looking at industry blogs to see what is going on in the publishing world, other writers, musicians, artists, and various other industries outside of the book world are great sources of inspiration. They just might spark an idea for your next blog or social media post.

4) Step Away 

As writers and people who either work from home or confine themselves to their "writing cave" for days on end, it tends to leave you a bit frazzled and drained creatively. I know I'm very guilty of this - the other day I realized I had not been out of the house in three days. Yep.

Making sure that you get out of the house, talk to someone - not online! - but in person and interact with them will do wonders. Not just for your mental health, but for your creativity. 

We all hit walls and find ourselves in a rut. Give yourself a break and know that we all go through it. You'll be back on track before you know it! 

QUESTION: What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? Any suggestions or ideas? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! 

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