Helpful Apps for the travelling musician

If there is one investment that we suggest musicians to make it is to invest in a smartphone. In a day and age where you need to be on top of things, communicate with fans, keep up with your business, and so much more, a smartphone is a necessity. It is especially necessary if you’re traveling a lot and on the move. 

From our previous blog post (and other posts) you will notice that we are massive fans of Apple products, which means we are big iPhone fans. We aren’t pushing you to buy an iPhone. You need to choose the devise that will work best for you and your budget. But I will say that the iPhone is certainly worth the investment. 

That being said, there are thousands of amazing apps that go along with smartphones that are incredibly helpful and useful for traveling musicians. We’ve highlighted a few for you: 

iTalk Recorder--There are several “recording” apps available but iTalk is a really good one. It’s incredibly handy to have around to record lyric ideas, melodies, reminders, etc. It’s a free app but they also have a premium version for $1.99.  

Yelp--Yelp is an awesome resource that holds thousands of listings for businesses throughout the U.S. and they accept user reviews for services or various businesses. Let’s say you’re in Cleveland and you’re looking for an inexpensive place to eat. Go to your Yelp app and it will give you a list of restaurants in the area with user reviews. (free app!) 

Find Friends--If you have a band member who always wanders off and you can never seem to find them, the Find Friends app will be incredibly helpful. This app allows you to locate your friends, family...wandering band members...(free app!) 

Cheap Gas--I recently discovered this app and it’s awesome. The name says it helps you find where the cheapest gas is in your area. No more driving all over the place to find where the best deal is. (free app!) 

DropBox--You have no idea how many times a day I say, “What would I do without Dropbox!!” Dropbox is a centralized location for you to hold large or small files, pictures, and videos that can be accessed by multiple people through multiple devices. That way you can access documents on your phone and computer. It’s easy to use and incredibly helpful. That and it’s free!! 

The Weather Chanel--A no brainer but one to be included on this list. Certainly needed for the traveler. (free app!) 

Garage Band for iPhone--Now you can make music anywhere you go! It’s very inexpensive (only $4.99 for iPhone) and is great to have on you when you're traveling. 

Instagram--Great app to share your pictures with your fans. You can choose from different filters to create a really cool look and feel for each image. You can also share your pictures easily on Facebook and Twitter. (free app!) 

RTA Lite & Pro--Great Real Time Analyzer (RTA) app for EQing rooms, checking the sound system, monitors, etc. They have a free and paid version. 

Twitter & Facebook: Another obvious one but we wanted to make sure and include them on the list!! 

HootSuite--If you’ve ever used HootSuite on your computer desktop you’ll love the app that goes along with it. You can update and schedule your social media updates all at once and it’s oh so handy. (free app) 

Evernote--Evernote has to be one of my all time favorite timesaving/organizing tools. It syncs to your Evernote desktop tool so all of your notes, lists, etc., are everywhere you are. No more lost slips of paper with random notes on it. It’s fantastic!! (free app!)  

What are some of your favorite apps for your smartphone? Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages! 

Jenn Hanson-dePaulaHow To