How To Breathe New Life Into Your Website


Just like your car needs regular maintenance to make sure you get the most out of it and that it works properly, your website needs regular updates and check-ups to make sure it does what it's supposed to do: help you sell more product. While having a website is the first step in establishing a successful online presence, the second step is making sure everything is updated consistently and correctly.

Here is your 10 point checklist that will help breathe new life into your website:


The first thing that people will react to when visiting your site is how it looks and its design. A rule of thumb when it comes to your website design: less is more. A clean & simple website showcases you and your work, not the website. Don't let a lot of bells and whistles get in the way of the content you are creating.


In the same vein as the design, you want to make sure that the layout makes sense and that the vital information is easy to find and use. For example, never hide your social media links/icons on the about or contact page. They need to be on the main page, preferably at the top. Don't overwhelm fans with lots of clutter. Edit yourself. Keep it clean, simple and easy to use.

Website Copy

When you have a visually pleasing website that draws a potential fan in, you better make sure that your copy reflects that image. Your visitors aren't going to spend five minutes reading a bunch of text about you; you need to keep it short, sweet, informative, yet to the point. On the home page, give them the highlights and easily direct them to your about or bio page so they can read more. I would strongly advise you to ask a friend (who is a good writer/editor) or hire a writer to make sure your copy is strong yet concise.

And make sure that you keep your information updated! Every 2-3 months go to your website to make sure your information is correct, dates/places are updated and current, etc. Having old or outdated information is a bad reflection and it shows that you are not active on your site.


Having a second set (or even third set) of eyes on your website is incredibly important. You are so heavily invested in your site that you will miss blaring mistakes or typos. Never self-edit! Hire a writer to edit your material. They will give you an unbiased opinion on the information you are presenting and it will give you a professional who can correct your bad grammar and punctuation.

Online Store

I can't tell you how many times I've been to websites that don't have all of their current releases in their online store OR they don't have updated links to Amazon or other online stores posted. That is throwing money right out the window! If you get someone to your store you better be sure to have all of the correct info, links, and updates made…pronto!

Contact Info

Make sure that you have the correct contact info listed. If you have other members of your team (or hire someone new) make sure you have the correct people listed. If they aren't working with you anymore, make sure you take their information down. It's all about keeping it current and seamless for fans, press, organizations, etc., to find who they are looking for.

Social Media

I mentioned before how it's important to have your social media icons/links in a prominent place on every page of your website. But make sure that they actually work and that they go to the correct page. And make sure that you include all of your social media outlets. Don't just have your Twitter up there and not include YouTube or Facebook. Make sure fans can find you everywhere you are.

Current Information

If you have an upcoming book or project coming out, make sure that you have all of that information updated on your website as soon as possible. When you keep your information current and let fans know what you have coming down the pike, it creates awareness and buzz. Two things that you want when you're releasing a new project.

Consistent Content

Want to boost your search engine results? Provide consistent and fresh information on your website through your blog, videos, and other content you create to maintain a constant stream of traffic. Keep directing fans back to your website from your social media outlets. Your blog is the one area of your website that can be consistently updated, so keep the content flowing!

Make It Shareable

Have you ever read a blog that you love or found a new product that you want to pass along but you can't easily share it with your friends? Make sure that your blog posts, events, speaking engagements, book signings, etc., are easily shareable. If you have a WordPress site there are several great widgets that you can use or your web designer should be able to easily do this for you.

Remember, your website says a lot about you. Make sure that you keep it current, flowing with quality information, and easy to use and navigate. Some simple tricks and adjustments can go a long way.


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QUESTION: What are some changes you have made to your website that have made a big difference? Anything you'd like to add to the list? Leave a comment below with your ideas and thoughts! 

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