How To Change Your Social Media From Hot Mess To Hot Success


Are you feeling frustrated with your social media outlets? Do you feel like they are not meeting your expectations? Are you overwhelmed with all that you have to do to keep them updated? 

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a frustrated author who was feeling overwhelmed. She had a lot on her plate and felt even more flustered by having to keep up with all of her social media outlets. 

"Do I have to do social media?" she asked

"No. You don't have to do it. But do I believe that it will dramatically help you grow your audience? Yes. Do I believe it will help your career? Absolutely." 

Here's the thing: when you start to feel like you social media is just a hot mess and your overwhelmed by it, it's time to make some changes.

Here are some simple tips to turn your social media from a hot mess into a hot success:

Step Back And Assess

Make a list of all of the social media outlets that you use. It might include your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Google+ and so on. Ask yourself this question: "Which of these outlets do I see the most growth on? Where am I best interacting with my fans?" Let's say you're seeing a ton of growth on your Facebook page and blog but not so much on your Twitter or Pinterest. Keep what is working and ditch the others. 

The key for all social media is consistency and quality content. If you are not consistent with all of your outlets (as in posting every day and interacting with your fan base on a daily basis) and creating posts/high quality content, set it aside and focus on what is working. It's better to have one or two outlets that are really rocking than four or five that are just blah. 

Organize Yourself 

Now that you know which outlets you are going to focus on (again, if you are feeling overwhelmed just focus on one or two) you need to focus on communicating daily with your fans, keeping it consistent, and creating quality content. Don't let this overwhelm you. Think of it this way, when you know someone you know what to talk about. Same goes with your social media. When you get to know your audience you will know what to post. 

The best way to map this out is to create a social media schedule. Take an hour to map out a months worth of posts, blog ideas, etc., so you have a plan in place. This will ease your mind and save you a ton of time. 

Something that I've done to keep me organized with the social media outlets that we manage, as well as our own, is create a daily checklist to make sure that I keep all of those outlets updated and consistent. I know exactly what I have to do every day and it takes no time at all because I've planned ahead. 

Keep It Light

I've found that people who go into instant marketing mode when they update their social media outlets get frustrated very quickly. Mainly because a) fans don't respond to you constantly pushing what you want to sell so you won't see the growth/interaction you're going for, b) your not focusing on the fans and interacting with them, and c) most authors don't consider themselves "marketing" people so they feel overwhelmed and frustrated when they have to come up with those kinds of posts.

Remember, fans are there to interact with you and get to know you, but more importantly, you get to know them. While your social media can be used for marketing, remember that this is a relationship building tool. You wouldn't try to constantly push your friends to buy your books, so the same goes for your fans. Creating content that will interact, engage, and make them want to share with their friends is key. So keep it light and personable. Make it a reflection of your personality.

The biggest thing is to have fun with it. Limit yourself to 15-30 minutes a day on social media. It doesn't need to rule your schedule or life. Work it into what you already have going and you will be much happier with the results. 

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QUESTION: What outlets have you found to be the most successful for you? When they are successful do you find them more enjoyable to use? Leave your answer in the comment section below! 

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