How To Change Your Twitter Handle & Facebook Page Name

Several months ago I consulted an author who had a problem I see many authors face. For one reason or another, this author was advised when promoting her first book to name her Facebook Page after the book title. The life of your Facebook Page is much longer than the project at hand - it's for your career, not just your book. 

So the question is: can you change your Facebook Page and Twitter handles without losing your audience? The answer is yes, but not without some limitations. 

The focus needs to be on keeping your brand consistent across all of your online assets. For example, our Facebook URL is and our Twitter handle is @mixtusmedia, Instagram is @mixtusmedia, and so on. The goal is to keep everything as consistent as possible. 



On your Twitter page, at the top righthand corner you will see a cog. Click on that and there will be a drop down menu. Select "settings": 


Once you select "settings" your account information will appear. The first option is your username and this is where you pick your new Twitter handle. It will let you know if your desired name is available or not. 


Once you find a name that is available, press "save changes" at the bottom and you are good to go! The nice thing is that you can change your Twitter username multiple times. So if you find that the name you picked wasn't available on Facebook you can change it easily on Twitter. 



Things are a little different when changing your Facebook Page name...

If you have less than 200 fans on your Facebook Page, you can easily change your page name. Simply go to the Edit Page drop down menu at the top of your Facebook Page Admin panel: 


Once you select edit settings, select "Page Info" at the top lefthand corner. Next you will want to select "Edit" for your Facebook web address:


When you select to edit the following page will pop up. Click on "change web address": 


Then you will be able to type in your desired name to see if it is available. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.01.38 PM.png

But DO TAKE NOTE that if you have more than 200 fans on your page you will have to "request a change". If you select "request a change" the following menu will show up with guidelines for changing your Page name. 


You will then agree to the guidelines and then fill out a form with the new information. 

But here's the bad news, you only get to change the name of your Page once. If you haven't changed your name before, chances are good that it will be approved and it might take a week or two to get confirmation from Facebook. 


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