HOW TO: Create a social media schedule

Creating a schedule for your social media outlets is a fantastic tool to have that will help manage your time. By creating a calendar with blog topics scheduled for certain days as well as and Facebook & Twitter post ideas ahead of time will help you create the consistency that you need to make the most of your social media outlets. It will also help you manage your time better and take a bit of the stress away from constantly having to come up with new content on the fly. I’m not trying to make this completely regimented but this will give you a good framework to roll with.

Here are five key steps to creating a social media schedule: 


Set aside an hour to look over what you have coming up over the next two months. Are you doing research? Are you in the process of writing your outline? Do you have a speaking engagement? Is there a holiday coming up that you can create a special promotion? There is always something coming up or going on.


Once you take a look at what you have going on over the next two months start thinking through topics for your blog posts that are central to your core message. For example, talk about your writing process or what inspired your latest book, introduce your characters, share some interesting research you found, talk about your writing process, and so on. The key is to get creative and put yourself into the shoes of your fans...what do THEY want to hear from you?


Dedicate to blogging at least once a week, especially if you are new to blogging. Once you get comfortable and find a rhythm, bump it up to twice a week or more. Think through blog topics that you can write about once a week for the next two months and schedule those in your calendar. Be sure to schedule time to actually write the blog entries as well! 

And the thing is that blogs don’t have to be word heavy. They can be pictures or videos that you’d like to share.


Something else to add to your schedule or calendar are ideas for Facebook and Twitter posts. Going back to what your core message is, think through questions, inspiring quotes, and ways to engage and interact with your fans that are centered around your message. What I recommend is at least two Facebook posts a day and eight to ten Twitter posts/retweets/replies.


Once you have those ideas flushed out, schedule them in your calendar so you know exactly what you will be writing about and posting. I have to say, this process has taken a huge load off of my shoulders in writing blogs and social media posts. By thinking things through and doing some planning on the front end will make it easier to stay dedicated and consistent with your blogging and social media posts.

So why not start today? This is a great way to help you organize your thoughts, get a plan in place and get cracking!

QUESTION: What has been the biggest thing holding you back from keeping up with your blog or social media outlets? 

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