How To Create Quality Content Like A Machine

I'm not a big believer in keeping secrets when it comes to success. Several months ago someone asked me why we share so much free information on our website and I said, "Because it works! We want to see others succeed." We don't loose work because we share what we know - we gain it. By sharing what you know - what you are an expert in, what you are passionate about - you gain the trust of others. When you gain trust, you gain customers. When you gain customers, you sell more. 

All that to say, we are big believers in creating quality content for our readers. Why? Because it works. But jumping into content marketing might seem overwhelming. How do you create a lot of content to share with your fans? Where will I find the time? How do I actually go about doing this? 

With a few quick tips, you will be off to the races creating content like a machine. Here's how: 


Create A List Of Topics

Once a month I make it a practice to sit down for an hour to plan out the content that I'm going to create for our blog. Sometimes I get on such a roll that I have two or even three months of content planned out. I ask myself these questions:

What questions can I answer? 

What problems can I solve? 

When you know who your audience is it's very easy to come up with topics to write about. Because you know what you're talking about, it's easy to create the content. Oftentimes I think the actual topic is harder to come up with than the content! By simply creating a list of topics that you can talk about will get your brain rolling on what the content will actually be made up of. 


Create An Editorial Calendar

When you have the topics covered and figured out, map out when you are going to post what on your calendar. This way you will know what needs to be written and set aside enough time to write it. That way if you have guest bloggers or other contributors you will stay organized and know if you are covering one subject a bit too much in the blog. 


Curate Rather Than Create 

When you create a mix of your own original content with accumulated content (from other writers/bloggers) it will help you in keeping your content consistent, textured, and current. By following other bloggers, writers, authors and staying up to date with what they are covering you can not only create content for yourself but you can drive traffic to others websites as well. 

Simply create a list of blog posts, articles, news bits, etc., that you find and speaks to your audience, create a link and write a blurb about your thoughts, maybe share some ideas, and include the link to the article. Bam! You got yourself some great content! 


The How-To Post

You are an expert at what you do. Why not share some simple how-to's to help those that are just starting off? Because you are an expert you know what you are talking about, which will make it very easy for you to write. When you have knowledge on the subject it makes it much easier to write rather than having to do research. Put yourself back to when you were just starting out - what would you want to know? What advice would you soak up? 


The Q&A

This is a great way to tie in your social media. Why not ask fans on your social media outlets to submit questions that you will answer in your blog? You can engage your fans, answer their burning questions, and create some great content in a flash.


Video & Images

Who said your posts have to be word heavy? Videos (maybe you doing a Skype interview, doing a Q&A segment, etc.) and images (Instagram images of your research projects, your speaking engagements, etc.) are a great way to create content without taking much time at all. 


Guest Bloggers 

I'm sure you know of other authors, writers, speakers, musicians, etc., who want to expand their audience. Why not ask them to guest blog? You can always offer to write something for their blog if they are willing to write for yours. You not only get the benefit of expanding your audience (because your guest blogger will advertise it on their social media as well!) but it gives you great content. Win win!! 

When you think ahead, keep your audience in mind, and are free with sharing your knowledge, creating content is a breeze. It's easiest to write about things that you know, so take these tips, put them into practice, and create some killer content! 


QUESTION: How has creating content helped you grow your fan base? What lessons have you learned? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment below…

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Photo by Oliver Brandt