Drastically Simplify Your Social Media Process

Social media outlets are the cornerstone to helping you as an author connect with your audience and build your career. It’s an important aspect to make time for.

The key is to find the right online tools that will not only simplify the process but save you a lot of time.

That being said, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite social media tools that I use every day. I know there are many options and I’ve tried almost all of them. The following tools are what work best for me, so if you have others that you use, I know everyone else would love to hear about them as well! 


RESOURCE #1: Buffer

BUFFER is my absolute #1 time saving tool that I use every day. That and it has drastically helped me improve my social media strategy. First thing when I get to work in the morning I poor over the blogs that I subscribe to and I use Buffer to share posts and articles that I think my community will benefit from. I have specific times that I have scheduled within Buffer to post to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts and it keeps a running list of posts that I want to make and it posts the articles that I want to share throughout the day. It’s brilliantly simple and a huge timesaver!

They also have a great iPhone app so you can use it wherever you go.


RESOURCE #2: HootSuite

HOOTSUITE is one of the first resources I used when I started working with social media and it is still a vital tool that I use every day. For one, you can check up on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more in one place. You don’t have to bounce from one page to the next. That and you can schedule posts with links & images to post at the exact time you want them to post. It’s fantastic! It’s easy to use and incredibly helpful. But most importantly it’s a huge timesaver!

They also have a free iPhone app :)


RESOURCE #3: Evernote

I don’t think I can sing the praises of EVERNOTE enough. I used to be one of those who had random sheets of paper scattered around with notes, ideas, important information, etc., that I could never find when I needed them. Evernote is a brilliant resource that keeps all of your notes, lists, etc., in one place that you can access anywhere.

It’s a great way to keep things organized and categorized as well. You have a million things going on...why not organize and keep everything in one centralized location that you can pinpoint anywhere?

And again, Evernote has a free iPhone app...


RESOURCE #4: Google Alerts

On top of social media management and consulting I also do digital PR for various musicians and authors. It’s important that I keep up with reviews that have been posted, articles that have gone line, and anything that I need to stay on top of for not only my clients but for my company as well. GOOGLE ALERTS will email you (either daily or weekly) with notifications for mentions that have been made online for the keywords that you entered. It’s an easy way to stay informed and stay on top of your online reputation, which is very important.

 There you have it! That is my “social media toolbox” that I use each and every day. It has streamlined my social media considerably yet keeps me active on these important sites. Some people tell me, “How can you stay on top of your social media and still get anything done?” Using these resources I honestly spend about 30 minutes on my social media every day. With a little planning, the right resources, and some dedication, it can be that easy for you as well! 

QUESTION: I’d love to know what social media resources you use! What has been helpful for you? 

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