HOW TO: Find blogs to follow

*This blog was originally posted last year, but due to the popularity of it we decided to post it again!  Educating yourself and staying on top of what is going on in your field of interest or expertise is incredibly important in today's world. Whether you are an indie artist, pastor, small business owner, etc., there are blogs and websites that are a goldmine of information. But how do you find quality blogs in the sea of 800 million blogs that are online? Or better yet, how do you find/narrow down blogs that fit within your niche?

Here are a few simple steps to finding quality blogs to follow:

1.) FOLLOW THEIR LINKS: Let's say that you already have or know of a blog that you like and respect. Bloggers are a part of a great community that want to help one another out. And how do they do that? By posting links of blogs that they follow on their own blog. Some sites have a "links" button or they have an ongoing list of blogs they follow on the sidebar of their blog. This is a fantastic resource because you have a blogger that you like and respect giving you their thoughts on additional blogs for you to check out.

For example, Amy Sondova of Backseat Writer has a "Cyber GPS" that shows blogs that she recommends.

2.) SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH: Another way is by simply Googling key words for the blog topic you are looking for. For example, let's say you are a pastor wanting to read what other ministers are blogging about. By simply Googling "pastor blogs" you will find hundreds of great blogs that are listed.

3.) COMMENT FEED: The comment section of a blog or website is also very helpful. People who comment on a particular article will post a link to their own personal blog or website that might be of interest to you. If you are reading the same blogs that they are you might share similar interests. So you just might want to hear what they have to say.

Now that you have some blogs to follow, how do you keep track of them? One way is to sign up for Google Reader. It's a free and easy service that will organize your blogs and will let you know when you have a new blog post to read.


Simply sign up at Simply click the "add subscription" button, type in the URL and you're done. Simple!