How To Get Book Blog Reviews

1408010_12258325Many authors get overwhelmed by PR & marketing when they are short on time, resources, and overall knowledge of how things work. You don’t have to have a degree in marketing or PR to get reviews for your new project to get the publicity ball rolling...just some time and determination.

Here are some tips on how to get book reviews on blogs:

1) Do your research

There are hundreds of quality book blogs out there that are open to submissions. It just takes a little bit of research. The key is to find blogs that cover your style/genre. Simply do a Google search for "book blog reviews" or a more genre specific search like "historical fiction book reviews" and so on. Make a list of possible blogs to submit to and keep adding to it. If you know of other successful authors in your genre, do a search for their book reviews and see what coverage they got and reach out to those bloggers as well. 

2) Read their submission instructions

Some blogs are open to anyone submitting their book for review and some have a system in place that you need to follow. Be sure to read up on their site to make sure that you follow their instructions exactly or contact them to see if they are still taking submissions. 

3) Read their blog

Become familiar with their style, what genres they lean towards, and what they cover before you contact them and submit your book. You want to show them that you are familiar with their blog, what books they are interested in, and why your book would be a good fit on their site. Showing a blogger that you have done your homework on their site and that you are familiar with them will make you stand out. 

4) Provide free chapters or discount price on your book

This is not only a great way to give readers a sampling of your book, but it also is a good gesture to the blogger. Bloggers are looking for ways to keep their readers coming back for more, and free chapters, discounts, or exclusives are good incentives!

5) Follow up

Once you send the blogger your book be sure to check in with them a week or so later to make sure they received your book. Keep in mind that they have many books to review, which take time to read, let alone write a review. This might take some time. If they like your book, they will review it. If not, move on to the next blog.

6) Thank them!

When you do receive a review be sure to thank the blogger. A way you can do that is by posting a link to their review on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But also be sure to email them a personal thank you as well. It’s a nice thing to do :)

Don’t go crazy right at first...break it down to 10 or so blogs to contact and then move on from there. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back right away. They receive hundreds of submissions/emails a day and it takes time to sift through all of them.

It takes time; don’t be discouraged. Stay on top of it and you will see some reviews.

QUESTION: What have you found helpful in generating blog reviews? Leave a comment below! 

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