How To Grow Your Audience: Facebook Insights Might Be The Answer

One of the great advantages of having a Facebook Page as an author (as opposed to a personal profile page) are the valuable insights you have access to. But I'm finding that more and more people either a) don't know how to read them, b) don't look at them regularly, or c) have no idea they are even there. Friends, I am here to snap you out of that mindset because you are sitting on a goldmine of information regarding your audience!

Instead of just posting information or news that you think your audience wants or needs to know, through your Facebook Insights you can see what your fans are responding to, who they are and what they are sharing with their friends. When you know what your audience responds to, who they are and what they like, you will know what to post.  When you post information that they respond to, your audience will grow.

So let's dig in…this is going to be a lot easier than you think! AND you'll see results because of it. 


Before we can jump into the details of your metrics you need to know where to find them. You can access your them by clicking on the "show" button at the top of your Facebook Page on the admin panel as seen below:


Simply click on the "show" button at the top right and your admin panel will pop down. You will see your various notifications, (who has commented on a post or liked a comment, etc.) messages, new likes, and so on. In the middle of your page you will see an "Insights" graph that looks something like this:

At the top righthand corner on that "insights" image you will find a "see all" link. Go ahead and click on that.

WHALAH!! You now have access to some pretty incredible insights regarding your Facebook fans. We won't go through every single detail of the insights meanings and details because, well, that would take all night. The cool thing is that you can hover over the "?" by each of the categories and it gives you a definition or run down of what each category means. Pretty darn handy, if you ask me.

Now, we are going to go through some of the key insights you should be paying attention to and what you should be looking for.


The page you will end up on when you initially click on the "see all" button is the following page.

If you're like me, when you see that graph you start to get competitive. I see the graph start to go down and I say to myself, "Oh yeah? Well…you better get your running shoes on because you're headed up hill now!" That's how we roll around here.

Right off the bat you can see some impressive information. Let's define a few things first:

REACH: it's the number of unique users who actually saw your post

ENGAGED USERS: those who have clicked on your post

TALKING ABOUT THIS: those who have shared, liked, responded, etc., to the post you made

VIRALITY: the people who are talking about your your post (in the graph above you will see a "people talking about"             metric) divided by the "reach" column that we just talked about

You can actually choose which column you want to focus on and sort those posts by defending number.

BUT the columns that you want to pay attention to are the engaged users and who is talking about this columns. 

What I normally do is click on the "engaged users" column so all of the posts that I made where fans were most engaged is featured in descending order. As you can see, our most engaged posts included pictures as indicated by what kind of post they are. In your insights you can click on each entry to see what you posted to see what was most engaging.

As you can see, the post that we made on June 5th was very popular and really connected with our audience. So you better bet that I will take that information and make more posts like that one! We can click on the number under the "Engaged Users" column and see the metrics, but we can also see how many people we reached, how many people were talking about it, and so on. You can also see a number of people who gave negative feedback because of that post, which is very helpful.

When you see what your fans respond to, what they connect with, and what they share with their friends, you should bet your bottom dollar that I will make more posts that are in line with this top post. When you see what your fans resound to, what they share with their friends, and how they engage, you will know what to post to build your audience. 


After your overview tab you will see you can look at your "likes" information. Click on that tab and you will see the various genders and ages that visit your page most.

BUT something that can be very helpful for authors and musicians is the information giving regarding what countries, cities and languages your fans speak. If you are trying to plan a tour or book signing, why not look at your Facebook insights to see where your fans are and plan a trip around that? Talk about free and incredible advertising right there! Finding the key spots where your fans are gives you a no brainer tour to plan around.

Also, keep tabs on where you see spikes within the "where your likes come from" section. Finding what people really respond to as well as what they don't respond to is key. If you find that a lot of people unlike your page after a certain post, you better not make a post like that again!


Next you can see who you reach with your Fan Page, which is incredibly important when considering you want repeat visitors rather than one time visitors. Granted, you will have a lot of one time visitors, but you want to focus on the number who reach you more than once. This will be your CORE AUDIENCE.

Now, if your number is low within your core audience, it might be time to change your approach. Maybe try to include more images, run a contest, post more often, and focusing on engaging your fans more so that number will improve.  Another option is to run a Facebook ad (which is very easy and inexpensive!) to connect with your audience and expand your reach.

Another excellent insight that Facebook shares with you is where people are coming from when they visit your page. When you scroll down your page you will see exactly where they discover your page, so this will give you insight into where people are discovering your page.


This is the metric that I believe too many people overlook and don't pay attention to, but in my opinion, it is one of the most important. When you have people talking about your Page you have fans sharing your page with their friends, thus getting your name and brand in front of the eyes of a broader audience and expanding your reach.

Right there on your main page you will see the number of likes and the number of people talking about your page. You need to pay attention to this! It's not just about the number of people who like your page but also who is sharing the content that you post to help broaden your reach.

Here is how you figure if you are doing well or not. Take the number of people "talking about this" and divide it by the total number of fans. If you have between 1% and 5% you are considered "healthy" in terms of percentage. If you are lower than that, it might be time to change your approach. 

The great thing is that you can see right on that main page how fans are responding to and sharing the content that you put on your Facebook page in graph form, which I find incredibly helpful. And it's nicer to look at.

While looking at graphs and numbers might not be your "cup of tea" it is essential in a.) helping you connect with your fans, b.) growing your fan base, and c.) how to take your social media presence to the next level. If your numbers aren't where you want them, make some adjustments. This is where you can get creative! Try new things and see what your fans respond to. Again, this might take time so don't give up! Establishing a solid fan base will pay off more than you know.

Did you find this post helpful? Share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and leave a comment below! We would love to hear your thoughts! 

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