How To Keep Your Brand Rolling While You Relax Over The Holidays

A big mistake that many of us make over the holidays is forgetting that our brands and businesses don't really take a break, especially in this digital world we live in. Keeping a consistent and active online presence is key to growing our brand. 

But you want to rest and relax over the holiday's right? I'm right there with ya. But one of the great things about online marketing and social media is that if you plan ahead and take advantage of some online tools, you can still relax while your brand continues to grow.

Here are some tricks you can put into practice so you and your business don't miss a beat over the holiday break. 

1) COME UP WITH A GAME PLAN: Sit down with your calendar and think through posts you would like to make on key days, like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New Years, etc. Obviously wishing your fans a happy holiday is needed, maybe highlight some specials you have available on your online store that last minute shoppers could take advantage of, etc. Think through what you would like to post and create a plan to implement those.

2) INCLUDE SOME INSPIRATION: Find some inspiring, encouraging or helpful quotes to share with your fans that center around your brand. Nuggets of inspiration are always great to include! 

3) REVIVE OLD BLOG POSTS: Another way to ease up your workload over the holidays is to highlight popular blog posts you have done throughout the year. Who said you could only use your blogs once? Revive them and give them a second go! 

4) SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS: Resources like HootSuite, Buffer, and SocialOomph, will quickly become your new best friend during the holidays. They take care of posting your social media updates for you. Simply schedule them to post when you want them to and you are good to go! Load them up before the holidays and enjoy some more eggnog. 

The key is thinking ahead of time. Though the holidays are a time for family, friends and celebration, it doesn't mean that your business rests. Put these tips into practice and you will be sitting pretty! 

QUESTION: What online resources do you use to manage your online marketing and social media? What tips would you like to share? Leave us a comment below! 

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