HOW TO STAY INFORMED: Keeping Up With Your Blogs

Being a musician, an author or small business owner, it’s not enough to just create a product, sell it, and hope more work or opportunities come in. It’s imperative that we stay on top of what is going on in our respective industries, changes are happening in social media, advice and tips on how to actually do things that will help our business, and so on. There is a wealth of knowledge out just have to know where to look. Reading blogs is a fantastic way to stay updated. But it can get completely overwhelming trying to stay on top of these blogs, finding outlets that actually apply to your own business, and more. But with a little organization, setting aside some time, and a few key tools, it won’t take up as much time as you might think.



Google Reader is hands down my favorite tool to stay updated with the blogs I’m subscribed to. Just go to to sign up, fill out the information and you’re done!



Finding blogs that you want to follow and that will actually be helpful for you, your band, or business is key. Start of with four or five and grow from there if you’re afraid of getting overwhelmed. Here are a few we suggest: 


Social Media & Marketing Great site about, you guessed it, Facebook! They also have a Facebook page if you would rather follow them there. I love this site! Fantastic resource with how-to’s, interviews, case studies, etc. This has basic info to more detailed so you are set. I also really like their Facebook page. If I have a question about something, I just post it and someone answers it right away.

Hubspot Blog: This is a great blog, though it can be a little bit more “business” focused, but you can still learn a lot from it. They also have some excellent free book download’s to help you along with various marketing and social media questions. Cool site that has some great information, news and insight. This is a great blog by Tamar Weinberg. Great ideas and lots of information. This site can get a bit “post heavy” but there is some good information there.

Mixtus Media: Of course!

AllTwitter: Gives insight and updates regarding the world of Twitter


Music By and far my favorite music website. Fantastic information for indie artists.

Lefsetz Letter: Seriously, one of the best and biggest voices in the music industry. Can he be crass? Yep. Can he be a bit rough around the edges? You bet. But does he know what he’s talking about? Ooooohhhhh yes. Bob Lefsetz needs to be at the top of your list.

Music Think Tank: Another great site to stay informed and read articles by those on the inside.

Bandcamp Blog: Great resource with great insight for indie artists



Michael Hyatt: This is a great blog to read if you are an author self publishing your book and needing some advice.

Seth Godin: Seth is probably one of the most brilliant marketers in the world today. He has a fantastic blog that not only gives great advice for authors but great general marketing advice and insight.

Obviously there are thousands more but keep it streamlined at first to not become completely overwhelmed.



You know how our parents and grandparents used to drink their coffee and eat their breakfast while reading the newspaper? Well, reading your blogs is the new newspaper. Set aside some time every day to check up on your blogs and maintain your list. It’s a nice way to not only stay informed, but it’s a quiet, relaxed way to start your day :)