HOW TO: Target Your Facebook Posts

If there is one way to drive a potential fan to click the “unlike” or “hide” button from your band page it is to constantly post information that doesn’t pertain to them. Got a show in Denver? Why not just let your Denver or Colorado fans know about it instead of your entire fan list? Didn’t know you could do that? Well, you can! Here’s how...  

1.) Go to post to your wall as usual. When you click on your status bar you’ll notice that two options show up: the ‘share’ button and a padlock with the word ‘public’ beside it.

2.) Click on the padlock and you’ll notice that two additional options show up: do you want to make the post public or customize it? To target certain fans in a particular part of the country, we are going to click on ‘customize’.


3.) Next you will be given the option of ‘location’ and ‘language’. For our example we are focusing on location, but if you are a band that travels internationally or if you know that you have fans that speak a different language (your Pages Insights has that information!) you can customize your post according to that as well. Incredibly useful!!

Click on the location option and start to type “United States” or whatever country you are focusing on.


4.) After you type in your country you will be given the option to choose if you post to a selected state or city. Just type in which state or city you want and you are good to go!


This might not seem like a big deal to you (heck, it’s easy enough to do) but doing something like targeting your posts is just another way for you to engage with your fans. Doing something as simple as this shows that you are thoughtful enough not to clutter up their news feeds with information that doesn’t pertain to them. They know that when you post something, they should pay attention!