How Authors Can Work Smarter and Not Harder With Your Blog

Something I've been putting into practice lately is the art of minimalism. Keeping things as simple as possible but getting the most use out of what we have. For example, investing in fewer, higher quality clothes that we can mix and match to get the most use out of. Or finding a reclaimed piece of wood to turn into a lovely headboard or bench. It's streamlining at its best - getting more bang for your buck. 

Strategies and ideas that will hep authors use the content that they create in multiple ways.

The same goes for your blog - you have amazing, high quality content that you want to get the most out of, but don't want to add more to your to-do list. There are multiple ways to broaden your reach online without having to add to your workload. By tapping into content that you've already created you can "expand your brand" by branching out into different areas - it's making the most out of what you already have in place.

Here are six ways to not only keep your blog content alive, but also provide you with additional promotional components: 


When you post your blog content on your social media outlets, that one post isn't the end of the road for your blog. In your Social Media Calendar/Schedule make sure you re-link to each of your blog posts multiple times throughout the month. Reword the headline a bit and keep that content rolling! 


If you create a collection of posts that center around a particular subject, or if you've written several short stories, gather them all into an ebook! People have asked me, "Would someone actually pay for an ebook that is a collection of blogs?" The answer is yes. If you have created fantastic content and collect those posts together in a cohesive product, people will purchase it. 


Your blog content is a great way to curate content for your next speaking gig. You've written it so why not use it! The same goes with creating content for your blog - if you have created several speeches or presentations that would speak to your audience, turn them in to blog posts. If you do webinars or other online presentations, your blog content would be great to share. Or you can turn your webinar content into blog posts as well. 


Writing guest blog posts or articles for online publications is a great way to expand your audience. You don't have to reinvent the wheel for other publications - repurpose your blog posts. You can merge several posts together to create a new piece, expand on an earlier post, or find a host of other ways to reuse your content. 


If you are looking to grow your newsletter list (hint, hint) creating an ebook of quality blog content would be a great incentive to have people sign up. It's easy to do and would give you something to "tide fans over" until you release your next book. A NoiseTrade campaign would be another great option. 


If you are gearing up to release a new book, a collection of blog posts that make a short ebook would make excellent free content to help promote your new book. It gives fans (and potential fans) a free sampling of your writing/ideas/content without giving your new book away. For those who are hearing your name or reading your work for the first time are more likely to give you a chance if they are given something for free. A collection of your blog posts, packaged together as a free ebook would be a fantastic way to do just that. 

It's not about creating more work or writing for you to do - it's about working smarter, not harder. We are all stretched for time and should be looking at ways to use the information and content we've already created in multiple ways. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: In the comments below, let us know how you have used or reused your blog content. Was this a new way of "thinking" for you in regards to your blog? What did you find most helpful or useful? We'd love to hear! 


Photo by Let Ideas Compete