Another New Facebook Development To Be Aware Of...

I know you might not read the tech or social media news blogs as religiously as I do (I hear ya'll laughing!) so I wanted to put something on your radar in regards to Facebook. At first it might not appear to be relevant to you, but I promise, it is and I'll tell you why...

On Monday, February 3rd, Facebook released an iPhone app called Paper.  Paper is a new way for Facebook users to read their newsfeed but also explore and share other stories that are within topics they are interested in from other major publications. If you are familiar with the app Flipboard it's kind of the same concept, but your Facebook newsfeed is included as well.

This is NOT an automatic change to Facebook that is going to be shoved on users like Timeline was.

Rather, it is an app that Facebook users can tap into if they are interested in a new way of consuming news and staying connected on Facebook. 

When the iPhone app is downloaded, users are able to pick up to 10 different topics of interests from other publications. It allows users to easily share articles, comment on posts, and everything else that is done on the regular Facebook app. But Paper is a very slick and visually beautiful application, which, if you read into things, might be the direction (both visually and functionally) Facebook is leaning towards. 

Apparently Facebook is trying to keep out the normal distractions found on the main Facebook service. It's allowing users to pick what appears in their newsfeed and find out what is going on within their area of interests. and Gravo have some great videos posted showing Paper in action. 


Why is this important? 

Facebook plays a major roll in how we connect and engage with fans. We don't know if it's a game changer yet, but it's certainly something that a) needs to be on your radar, b) you should try out to become familiar with, and c) you should make sure you're not caught off guard and end up being late to the party. We certainly want you to be on the leading edge of change and ahead of the curve!  


What you should take away from this...

Facebook is always changing. So putting all of your marketing efforts and focus behind your Facebook page (as opposed to your website and newsletter list) is a dangerous move. Facebook should not be your home online - your website should be.  

Does this mean you should abandon your Facebook Page? Absolutely not! Facebook and other social media outlets are the best way for others to be introduced to you and your book. But if you are putting off starting your newsletter or updating your website, I would strongly suggest you make them a priority...pronto! 


What does this mean for authors? 

Honestly, time will tell. From what I've read, many feel this is the future of Facebook and how users will connect with others. Are they trying this new layout as a "test run" before they make overall changes? I don't know. I have downloaded the app and, I have to say, it is very easy to use, sleek and an enjoyable user experience.

As Page Administrators, I'll be anxious to see if we can share more of our content, if ads will be integrated, if we can bring in our own lists, and more. We will keep you posted on other changes and updates! 

We want to know: What is your reaction to this? What are some concerns or questions you have regarding Facebook and this new app? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. 


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