It's Not About The Numbers

Last week a handy tool was unveiled that has brought a spotlight on Twitter and the number of followers one has. It's called StatusPeople and what it does is it looks through your Twitter followers to find out a) who your fake followers are, b) accounts that are inactive, and c) followers that are considered "good" or genuine. The results are pretty staggering.

In a world where "bigger always seems better," many companies, individuals, organizations try to pump up their Twitter numbers to seem more desirable or more popular than one might assume. When we see big numbers many of us think, "Wow, they must know what they're doing!" or "They must be incredible!" It's really an old marketing mentality… but big doesn't always mean better.

The purpose of social media is to connect with one another. It's that connection that we have lost sight of. I had a conversation with a friend earlier this week who has a modest following on social media, but they are her core audience. She has a fantastic connection the the 300 fans on Facebook and the thousand followers on Twitter, which is boosting the visibility of her brand and business. She has a steady flow of work coming in, mainly due to her Twitter account. She has made connections, she's build a relationship with them, and most importantly, her followers trust her and know that she provides a quality service.

It doesn't matter if you have 300 social media connections or 300,000. If it's just a number you're looking for, you're barking up the wrong tree with social media. If you are looking to create genuine connections with others, broaden the reach of your brand, and create a fan base that will be with you for the long haul, social media is the place for you. Don't pay attention to the numbers… pay attention to the quality of your followers.

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