A Game Changer for Authors: NoiseTrade Books

Eight years ago an independent musician named Derek Webb tried something quite radical at the time: he gave away one of his albums for free. Now, this might sound like common practice today, but back then, this was unheard of. But instead of just handing the music off to fans, he asked for some simple information in return - their name, email, and postal code. And what happened was amazing - he gave away over 80,000 full downloads of his album and collected valuable information regarding his fans. This simple act resulted in sold-out shows, direct contact with fans through their email addresses, increased sales in merchandise and album sales, and more. He also saw a huge spike in sales with the very album he gave away for free.

Fast forward to 2009 when Webb and a few trusted friends decided to take this same concept and provide a platform for other musicians to market their music while gaining valuable fan information. They called it NoiseTrade and it has been a phenomenal success.

So when we found out late last year that NoiseTrade was adding books to their platform, we were all over it. Being huge fans of what they have done for musicians, we can't wait to see what it does for authors. 


What Sets NoiseTrade Books Apart:  

  • As opposed to Amazon or other online resources that provide free downloads of books, you get something incredibly important out of it: information!! You don't walk away wondering "Who downloaded my book?" You are given valuable ways to stay in touch with new readers and reach a wider audience.
  • You get free promotion through social media. When fans download your book they include their email address and postal code, but they are also given the opportunity to share that they just downloaded your book on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thus expanding your reach to their friends...
  • NoiseTrade provides a "tip jar" for fans to leave you some cash if they'd like. NoiseTrade takes 20% which is a mere percentage when you think about all you gain from this interaction. 


What This Means For Authors: 

NoiseTrade kills two birds with one stone - it gives you short and long term solutions for marketing your book.

  • The short term solution is giving away free & legal downloads of your book to establish and grow connections with new readers. And you can make some cash from the tip jar, which is a nice bonus.  
  • The long term solution is growing your audience and establishing meaningful connections with your fans. This helps you promote other ebooks, speaking events, signings, and so on. 

We have seen incredible success on the music side of NoiseTrade through previous clients and we have no doubt it will offer the same thing to authors. Please consider heading over to NoiseTrade Books to try it out, take a look around, and consider joining. 

We have more information coming on how to best use NoiseTrade for your book marketing efforts, but we want to know: What questions or hesitations to you have about NoiseTrade that we could address? Let us know in the comments below and we will answer them for you! 


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