Online resources we love

About a month ago, after losing my notes from a meeting and having an annoying pile of paper on my desk with random notes, I decided to make some changes. Like everyone else we are incredibly busy and the last thing we need to do is chase down that random piece of paper we wrote that web address that we need. It just seemed to make sense to tap into some of the online resources that are available today to hold everyone in one spot. And let me tell you, they have made a huge difference for us. Here are a few I wanted to highlight today:

1.) DROPBOX: Marcus has been using Dropbox for over a year and I just recently started using this exclusively. Man alive, it’s awesome! If you have multiple computers or devices, if you travel, need to share large files or multiple documents, Dropbox will change your life. And better’s FREE!! They have a great introductory video on their website so be sure to check that out. But it has been an amazing resource for us.

2.) EVERNOTE: For years I used to make fun of my mother for making a list for nearly everything she ever did. Well, that one came back to bite me because I am officially a mongo list maker. The problem was that I would jot things down on random pieces of paper, on a tablet that was never around when I needed it, or I would accidentally leave said tablet at home when we were traveling. Evernote has changed all that and I love it! It syncs with all of your devices (computer, online, iPhone) and keeps it all in one place. Brilliant... On top of that, you can scan in receipts & images on Evernote as well. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?? Nice...

3.) PINTEREST: I’m just getting into Pinterest but I already love it. I know this one isn't work related, but it's just too cool not to mention. But if you are someone who needs visual inspiration for your job, well, I guess this one would be classified as a work resourse! I used to subscribe to several design magazines and held onto them for years because it had one image or article that I liked. I do love to thumb through a magazine, but I’ve transferred that love to blogs now. And Pinterest is a fantastic online source where I can categorize and save beautiful images, design ideas, ideas for events or organization, etc., all in one place.

It’s a social media site where you can connect with friends, see what they have found and share the love. It's easy to use, lovely to look at and it's a great way to waste some time if you have it :) It also has a fantastic iPhone app. And, again, it’s FREE!!


4.) GOOGLE READER: Now, I know this isn’t the biggest revelation, but I couldn’t not include it on this list. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Google Reader is a FREE (I love saying that!) resource that holds all of your blog subscriptions in one place. It shows you when a new blog has posted. You can share articles by social media outlets, email, you can highlight important or saved blogs by starring them, and oh so much more. Staying on top of what’s going on in your area of interest is very important into today’s world. Google Reader helps you do just that...

Another reason I love Google Reader is because it makes it so simple to use. I try to stay on top of all of the blogs that I'm subscribed to, but if I can't get to it Google Reader will hold the articles that I haven't gotten to. No fear of missing anything! That and it syncs with your smart phone, so while you're waiting in line at the DMV you can catch up on your blogs. Praises be!

5.) HOOTSUITE: Oh HootSuite, you’ve saved my tail more often than not.  Some people use different resources to manage their social media outlets, but I’ve just found HootSuite to work best for my needs. They have details on their homepage regarding everything it has to offer.  If you manage several social media outlets, HootSuite is a massive time saver.  What I love is the fact that you can schedule posts to your social media outlets. Let’s say you know you’re going to be traveling or really busy on Tuesday and won’t be able to post a Facebook or Twitter update easily that day. You can schedule a post through HootSuite to post on whatever day or time you would like it to. It’s easy to use, incredibly helpful and crazy awesome.

Those are just a few that we use to keep things sane around Mixtus Media.  More to come for sure. What do you use to stay on top of things? Anything you want to share? I’d love to hear!