Pinterest: Are You Doing It Wrong?


Confession time: I am addicted to Pinterest. And it's safe to say that I'm not the only one. With over 48 million active users, most of which are female (though male users are growing), Pinterest provides prime time connection, interaction, and audience growth potential. Here are some great stats about Pinterest if you're interested...

But like all social media outlets, it's not a "build it and they will come" type of scenario. Pinterest is unique in the fact that it is a lifestyle resource/social media outlet and it takes a fine balancing act to make it work the way it is intended to. 

So the question is, are you doing it wrong? Let's find out...

Are all of your pins about you and your book/product/service? 

If they are, you're doing it wrong. Pinterest users are there to find ways to make their life easier, to learn how to make things, what they should make for dinner, how to decorate for their kids birthday party, and so on. Pinterest is very vocal about this not being a marketing site...Pinterest users can smell that from a mile away. When you only focus on pushing what you want to sell and center all of your pins around that, you're not going to see success with Pinterest. 

Have you not updated your Pinterest account in several months? 

If so, yep, you're doing it wrong. Pinterest requires just as much attention and activity as your other social media outlets. If you aren't going to be active on the site or participate, don't use it. 

Are your boards relevant to your target audience? 

If you just have random boards with random pins and no strategy or focus behind it, you're doing it wrong. Creating boards & pins that connect with your target audience and speak into why they have connected with you in the first place is key. For example, let's say you are writing a book that is set in the mid-west. Start a board of inspiring images of barns, fields, that set the mood for your book. Boards of beautiful libraries or how people store their books, or favorite book covers are always fun.

There are so many possibilities with the boards you can develop. Get creative but always think about what your audience can connect with, and most importantly, share. 

Is your audience there? 

Pinterest isn't for everyone. If you are curious about Pinterest and want to partake, go for it! But I would strongly advise you using it as a fan before using it as an author. It's best for you to understand how it is used before you jump in. When you observe it first and see how it works you will be able to determine if this will be a good fit for you and your audience. If it's not the right platform, skip it. 

Do your pins only direct fans to purchase your book/sales page? 

If you said yes to this, you are certainly doing it wrong. If you want to irk pinners off, create pins that just go to a sales page or to "sign up for more information" page. Pinterest is a great way to connect your fans to your website, but there needs to be a tangible reason for them to click on your pin. If you have a great blog post you want to share, pin it. If you have a campaign centered around a topic that is applicable to your audience, connect it to a pin. If you just focus on selling and marketing, you will miss out. 

Pinterest is great if you use it correctly to engage and expand your audience. In the coming weeks we will focus more on Pinterest and how to best use it for you and your brand, so stay tuned! 


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QUESTION: Has your Pinterest page been a success or a big fat mess? Let us know how you have used Pinterest in the comment section below! 

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