Pulling in the reins

It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. I know when I get excited about something or get an idea into my head it’s hard not to jump to points E, F, G before completing A, B, C & D. Even though the “set-up” stages of A, B, C & D might not seem as exciting as points E, F, G, they are essential to the overall success of your project. 

Setting up your band properly by creating an overall plan, (what you will blog about, who will do the social media updates in your band, who will update your website, etc.) properly setting up your website, getting your social media established to start building a fan base, practicing for hours to get your live show as tight as possible, booking shows, and so on is all a part of building a solid foundation to establish your career on. It’s all a part of being a successful and working musician. 

It’s easy to look at successful bands and try to emulate what they are doing. What we need to remember is that they were in the same position that you were years before and they worked hard to get where they are today. Put your time in, work hard, and remember that this isn’t a race. 

A proper set up and approach will save you many problems down the road.