Quick Tip: #Hashtags Authors Should Use

The best way to get your tweets and Instagram posts seen is to use hashtags. I'm not saying to #userandomhashtagsthatlookfun but rather to put them to work to not only grow your audience but to create conversations around. We have an earlier post on how to best use hashtags that you should check out if you aren't familiar with them, or if you would like to know how to best use them

But figuring out what hashtag to use can be confusing. What hashtags are being used? What hashtags are best? We've put together a strong list of hashtags specifically for authors to help in multiple scenarios. 

Can you create your own hashtags for your book, promotions, etc.? Absolutely! Here's how: 

  • Go to Twitter or Instagram and test the hashtag you want to create. For example, if I wanted to create a hashtag for #MixtusMedia I'd type that into the search field to see if anything else popped up. If some of the hashtags are old or have only been used once or twice, you're fine to use it for your topic. 
  • Try to keep your hashtag as short as possible.
  • Use the hashtags in your posts.

Easy, right? 

There are tons of hashtags that can be used, so we wanted to streamline it for you to make it less overwhelming AND so you can personalize the hashtags that you will use the most. We've made a handy PDF download that you can print out to keep on hand and add additional hashtags you discover. 

Remember, hashtags change and are updated all the time. There are trending hashtags that can be found on your Twitter page that you can use to contribute to conversations or use to get your tweet seen. A great website to check out for trending hashtags is Hashtags.org

TAKE ACTION NOW: Download the FREE list of Hashtags for Authors, print it off, and add any hashtags that pertain to you, your book or genre. Keep it in a visible spot on your desk so you don't forget to power up your tweets with relevant hashtags. What hashtags do you use that you have found helpful? Leave them in the comments below!