QUICK TIP: How to rearrange & rename Facebook tabs

There are several elements on Facebook that we obviously can't rearrange to fit our brand's needs. But one of the elements that we can change is the name and order for the tabs (or apps) that are featured on our Facebook Page. I've talked with several people over the past few weeks who didn't think we could rearrange the tabs or even rename them. But you know what…you can! And it's very easy to do. Let me show you…

First of all, some of you might be asking…what is a Facebook tab or app? They really are the same thing (I've heard them referred to as both, so no need to be confused) but they are the four boxes directly below your cover image on the Facebook Page. 

They are a great option to have because they are customizable. You can create custom tabs that hold specific information or features that you want to draw attention to. For example, if you have a new album or book coming out you could create a tab that features information about the new project, links to your website, maybe a sign-up form for your newsletter, etc. It's a great way to highlight information and draw attention to specific events on your Facebook Page.  

You can also name the tab to draw more attention to it as well. Here's how: 

1) Next to the last tab you will see a little arrow pointing down with a number beside it. This shows you how many "hidden" tabs or tabs that aren't the four top featured tabs. You are allowed to have eight tabs but only four will be visible all the time. You can rearrange the tabs as well, which we will get to in a minute.  

2) To name the tab simply click on the arrow so it's pointing up. That will drop down and you will see the remaining four tabs. This also allows you to edit & rearrange your tabs.  

3) Once the arrow is pointing up, when you hover over a tab you will notice the edit pencil pops up in the top righthand side of the tab. Click on the pencil and a menu will show up. Click "Edit Settings" and you will be able to change the name of your tab. 


4) To rearrange your tabs, simply click the pencil/edit tab in the top right side of the box. You will see a "Swap position with" option and you can rearrange your tabs in the order you want them to be in.  

Quick note: Your photos will always be in the main menu so you actually can't move those. 

QUESTION: Do you use customized tabs on your Facebook Page? How have you used them?  Leave us a comment below to tell us how! 

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