Quick Tips: How To Target Your Posts

Many moons ago (before we were ever married) Marcus was a courier so he knows Nashville like the back of his hand. Early on in our marriage (and before we had GPS) I asked him for directions to a building downtown that I wasn't familiar with. He gave me every single detail, landmark, turn-by-turn direction you could imagine. Now, I love me some details, but sometimes too many of them can make a simple task overwhelming. I looked at him and said, "I need the edited version of that babe." 

So, in the spirit of quick, edited directions we are going to cover some quick and easy updates, changes, and lessons regarding social media that you might not be aware of. The first quick tip is how to target your Facebook posts. 

As of right now only Pages with 5,000 or more "likes" are able to do targeted posts. Hopefully the Facebook powers that be will enable everyone to use this sometime soon because it's a pretty slick feature.  


When you make a status update three little icons will appear in the lower lefthand corner. The middle icon allows you to get very specific and target exactly who you want to see your posts.  

Targeted posts have been around for a while but they have gotten even more sophisticated. Now you can get very specific. This means you can pin-point exactly who you want to see particular posts. 

For example, let's say that you want to make a post for a women's event your company is holding. You can target genders and see exactly how many people you will target with your post.  

Not only do you get to pin-point who sees these posts but you get to see how many you have the potential of reaching. Now those are some details I like!! 

Do you use targeted posts? Have they been successful? Leave us a comment below! 

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