Saving time on social media with Buffer

If there is one complaint that we hear over and over again about social media it is this: I just don't have the time! True, we are all spread thin. But the truth is that social media isn't meant to take up your entire day. I've mentioned before that thanks to creating a social media plan and schedule helps ease the load, but there are also fantastic tools out there that take an even bigger load off of social media plate. One of my favorites is a handy dandy tool called Buffer.

If you've been following our blog for a while, it's no surprise that we are huge fans and supporters of Buffer. We've been using it for years and it has never let us down. I've used other tools like HootSuite in the past (and actually gave it another go a few weeks ago but gave it up) but the ease, simplicity, and fantastic results of Buffer just outshine the rest. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Buffer has FANTASTIC customer service. I posted a question on Twitter and they answered within five minutes. If I ever have any issues they are all over it. And they are usually fixed within the hour. 
  • It has a clean, simple interface. What I don't like about HootSuite is that there is just too much there. It can be very intimidating and overwhelming to new users. Buffer is very straight forward and easy to use. 
  • It's FREE!! 
  • It takes care of my posts so I can focus on my work. It's trustworthy and it just works! 



1) Sign up for your free account at Buffer by logging on with your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Accept the permissions to use one of the networks with Buffer. Then click on the icons to add additional social media accounts. 

2) Once you have your accounts connected you are ready to get scheduling! Your main page will look something like this: 


Facebook also works with Buffer (even though you don't see it on our account).

3) To get your posts scheduled when you want them to go live, click the "schedule" tab at the top of the page (I have it circled in the image above). I'd suggest you go to your Facebook Insights to find the best times to schedule your posts. I'd also suggest you use a fantastic tool called Tweriod that helps you find your peak times to post. You press a button and it automatically syncs with your Buffer account. 


Also, make sure you are on the correct timezone when scheduling your posts! :) 

4) When you are ready to load up your queue, click on the accounts you want to post to and post away! You can also attach images and schedule it to post at a specific time (if it's outside of your regularly scheduled posts) which is really handy. 


5) If you use resources like Feedly to follow blogs, you can easily add relevant blog posts that you want to share with your fans by clicking the Buffer icon and it will load into your queue. You can also drag your posts to be in the order that you want them to go. 

Pretty handy, right? It's my favorite timesaving tool for managing social media and I have a feeling it will be yours too! 


QUESTION: What are your favorite timesaving tools? I'd love to hear! They don't even need to be for social media because we are all trying to find ways to save time, right? ;) Leave your thoughts below! 

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