See How Easy It Is To Make Your YouTube Video More Visible Online

YouTubeSo you have a video that you want to upload to what? Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (right after Google) using this powerful resource to not only host your videos but get you and your brand in the face of more potential fans & buyers. But in order for your videos to actually be discovered you need to make sure you are set up properly. Here's how... SIGN-UP

1) Sign-up for a YouTube account: Getting your account set up is very easy. Just go to and at the top right hand side you will see a link to "create account." Click that, follow the directions and you will be good to go.

2) Once you have your account set up you will need to upload your video. At the top righthand corner you will see your user name. Click on that and a menu will drop down. You will see seven options to choose from. The link you want is for the "video manager."

3) Once you click on "video manager" a page will come up that will either hold all the videos you have uploaded, if you have loaded any. At the top lefthand corner you will see a button to "upload" your videos. Click on that link.

4) Now you will see a page that has a big arrow surrounded by a red bubble of sorts that says "select files from your computer" which you will select. OR you can record something directly from your webcam. Either way, this is where you upload your videos. It will walk you through from here, but depending on the size of the file it might take a little bit to upload.


While your video is uploading now is the time to put in some very important information so people can discover your video. The information you will be inputting is called metadata. In a nutshell, metadata is information you provide about the video that clearly defines what the video is about. This information includes the title, tags and descriptions of your video. This is what will help your video be found by people looking for videos regarding the subject matter your video covers.

Think about it this way: YouTube, much like all social media outlets, is like a virtual newsstand. When you're in the grocery store waiting to pay, what catches your eye on the magazine covers in the check out lane? What are you drawn to? What are you looking for or are interested in? Within YouTube, you need to come up with a title that will stand out among all of the other videos that are within your subject matter. Just like the magazines on the newsstand...


What are key words or phrases that people would use to find your video? This is a question you have to ask yourself when considering the title of your video. You need to write something that is descriptive yet concentrated to pack a punch. Don't try to be sale's pitchy or over the top. Make it sound natural, approachable and helpful.

For example, an author that I worked with wrote a book that focused on finding balance in an overactive and busy lifestyle. So we titled the his video "How To Live A Balanced Life" followed by the name of his book. It speaks directly to what people who are seeking balance are looking for. It's clean, simple and tells exactly what the book is about.


First and foremost, you need to put your website address at the very top of the description section. This is to ensure that people can see a place where they can go to get more information about you, your project, your services, and so on.

The description section is where you can go into more detail regarding your video. This section allows you to be longer and more descriptive. This would be a good section would be a good place to put the marketing copy from your book or talk more about the meaning behind the song, or more about the service you provide. But always think about the key words that you would use to search for a video like yours and include them in with the description as well.


By "tagging" 10-25 key words for your video is ideal. These are words that are relevant to your video. If you came up with a list of key words to use in your title that didn't make it, use them in the tagging section. Think through various words that you would use to describe the subject of your video. What words would YOU use to search for a video like yours?

YouTube also shares suggested tag words as you are typing so feel free to use those as well if they make sense.

By properly setting up your metadata you are enabling people who have yet to discover your book, album, or business with your videos. Visuals are a powerful way to connect with your audience so be sure to use them and empower them to reach their full potential with the optimal metadata from the get go.

Have you discovered a new book, artist or service by searching through YouTube?