Seven Easy Ways to Find the Spark for Blog Topic Ideas

I'm not gonna lie - for the past few weeks my brain has been fried. I feel like I'm in a Loony Tunes cartoon where they lift up Bugs Bunny's head and only see dust rolling around in there. Between a busy work schedule, family time, selling our house and buying a new home, my creative juices have been spent elsewhere. 

This is exactly what I do - and what I tell our author clients to do - when their blogging creativity runs dry.

I know I'm not alone in this because we are all busy and wear many hats. We all have so much going on that sometimes the thought of wringing out the creative juices for a blog is the absolute last thing our brain can handle. 

So I'm going to let you in on my little secret. This is what I do when my creativity is absolutely bone dry and I need some help coming up wit topics for our blog. Here are my seven idea generators: 

1) Good Old Google

First thing I always do is start typing a subject, topic, or keyword into a Google search to see what others are writing about. I'll take a look at what they are writing about and add my own ideas or spin to those topics. Many times those posts are the spark I need to create my own ideas for topics. Sometimes we just need a little push to get the idea ball rolling! 

2) Portent's Content Idea Generator 

This is something that I was recently turned on to. Granted, it's not perfect but it's a great way to give your creativity a jumpstart. You pop a keyword in and it gives you a sample headline for a blog idea around your keyword. It's not perfect but it does help get your creativity flowing with ideas. 

3) Reddit

Reddit is a great way to find out what topics are trending. This not only helps you generate blog content but it enables you to answer questions that others have left and reach a new audience. And once your blog post is up you can go back and share your link on the Reddit thread.

4) Amazon 

Here's a little trick that I have found incredibly helpful. Simply go to Amazon, enter a keyword related to your topic or niche. Find the top selling books from that search and take a look at the table of contents. You're not searching just to copy those topics - they are too general. You want to go deeper. This is to get you inspired and see how you can take that idea and go even further. 

5) Other Blogs/Authors In Your Genre 

One of the best ways to give my creativity a quick kick in the pants is to take a look at my favorite bloggers. I see what they are writing about and it never fails to give me inspiration or ideas to run with. 

6) Ask Your Readers

Simply asking your readers what they want to hear from you (about your characters, new book, writing process, etc.), or what they are struggling with, or what questions they would like to have answered, is always the best way to get content. You're hearing it directly from the people you are writing for. Doesn't get much better than that! 

7) Take A Walk 

This has yet to fail in helping me kickstart my creativity. :) Getting the blood flowing and moving around a bit always gets the creative juices flowing. 

The most important thing to remember is that we have all been there. If you're having trouble coming up with blog content, you're in good company. Even the most seasoned bloggers go through creative lulls. But whatever you do - don't give up! Your blog is an essential element to your online presence - it's worth the time and effort. Try these suggestions and see your creativity start to flow again.